Tareekh e Kohat by Ahmad Paracha

Tareekh e Kohat by Ahmad Paracha

Tareekh e Kohat by Ahmad Paracha Pdf Free Download

Tareekh e Kohat is an invaluable historical document written by Mr. Ahmad Paracha. This document gives a very detailed account of the situation and events of Kohat district and its ancient history in the Urdu language.

The region of Kohat is the center of new and old cultures and civilizations. Its political, cultural, religious, educational, literary, cultural, and civilizational history is ancient. Kohat is a land of mosques, shrines, fields, and mountains. The people of this region have always been interested in literature and politics, as well as religious and national movements. Many famous writers, politicians, poets, intellectuals, soldiers, and high-rank army officers have been born here.

Every region has its own history and its own identity. The region of Kohat also has its own distinct identity and history, in which Kohat’s past, present, and future are identified. Kohat is the hometown of Hazrat Haji Bahadur Baba. It is the city of the late Chief Justice Muhammad Rustam Kayani. It is the hometown of Ahmed Faraz, Professor Pareshan Khattak, and the late Ayub Sabir.

It is well-known that Kohat has always been an important place of learning and literature. The study of history makes it clear that Kohat has been of great social, cultural, military, political, and literary significance. Kohat has the honor of being the land of poets, writers, and scholars, as well as brave soldiers, martyrs, and warriors, and also is an important military region. The brave soldiers of this land have made the region of Kohat famous in history by performing their military achievements on every front. Therefore, this book also sheds light on the military services of the people of Kohat.

Poetry and literature has also its own historical significance, which cannot be denied. Literature is a passionate history of human values and traditions. Therefore, the literary landscape of Kohat has been included in this book. Famous people have been born here at every age. Even before and after the country’s partition, the Kohat region’s noble people have performed remarkable deeds in countless religious movements, political revolutions, social work, and military services. Therefore, every effort has been made to mention the services and self-sacrifice of these personalities who have played a significant role in the political, national, educational, literary, and military fields.

Ahmad Paracha’s efforts in compiling this history of Kohat are commendable and invaluable for future generations. He has compiled this history as an impartial writer, keeping the facts in view. Apart from the historical and geographical conditions of Kohat, he has also enlightened the cultural, intellectual, and literary aspects of Kohat.

There may have been some shortcomings in this edition as it was an individual effort that was the work of a full-fledged institution at the state level. The first credit for writing the history of Kohat goes to Mr. Ahmad Paracha. I hope that future historians will also benefit from this book. It is also an invaluable pearl for students and teachers of politics and history and will serve as a reference book for libraries.

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