Parthal Novel By Qamar Ajnalvi

Parthal Novel By Qamar Ajnalvi

Parthal Novel By Qamar Ajnalvi Pdf Free Download

Parthal Novel Authored By Qamar Ajnalvi. This is an Urdu historical novel that contains an amazing love story extracted from the awesome history of India in the Urdu language. Story of Shezada Hasan Khan Prince of Bihmani Emperor of Deccan. An excellent legendary of love, beauty, and majesty.

Parthal is a great historical novel that described the eternal story of love between a prince of an empire in southern India and an ordinary girl. Because of their love, a terrible war broke out between the two states in which there was a lot of bloodsheds and hundreds of lives were lost.

Qamar Ajnalavi’s real name was Abdul Sattar. He was a prominent Pakistani historian and novelist who wrote many masterpieces historical novels in the Urdu language. He was born in July 1919 at Ajnala in the Amritsar district of India. His father’s name was Din Muhammad. Qamar Janalvi was the only son of his father Din Muhammad. He wrote his first historical novel “Shaheed Pujaran” in 1938. He moved to Lahore in 1940 and settled here. Qamar passed away in 1993 in Lahore after a prolonged illness.

Qamar Ajnalavi has also written scripts for many famous Pakistani Urdu films, including Mum Baap, Laila Majnoon, Bazdal, Dalan Vich Rab Wasda, and What a Crime I Did. He also wrote dialogues for the famous film Anarkali and many other films of his time. His famous historical novels include “Shaheed Pujaran, Maarka e Panipat, Inqilab-e-Turki, Wali Ehad, Jang-e-Muqaddas, Pandare, Muqaddas Moorti, Chah-e-Babul, Baghdad Ki Raat, Lala Rukh, and Dharti Ka Safar, etc.

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