Gumshuda Qafle Novel By Naseem Hijazi

Gumshuda Qafle Novel

Gumshuda Qafle Novel By Naseem Hijazi Pdf Free Download

Gumshuda Qafle novel 2nd part of Pardesi Darakh authored by Naseem Hijazi. This novel contains historical story of the Afghan revolutionary war and the bravery of the Mujahideen. Afghanistan’s revolution thrilling, Dreadful, Complete history, Amazing and extremely interesting events. Very interesting and informative book about Afghan society culture and Civilization. It also has a sense of natural beauty, romance and love.

Naseem Hijazi Sahib wrote this novel at the time when he was on bed due to illness. Naseem Hijazi was an Urdu writer famous for writing Islamic Historical fiction. He was born in British India he settled in Lahore, Pakistan after partition. He is the author of several famous and supper hit historical novels based on Islamic history. His historical research work considered remarkable addition in Urdu literature. Below is a list of Naseem Hijazi’s novel available here on Pakistan virtual library.

  1. Dastaane Mujahid
  2. Muhammad Bin Qasim Part 1
  3. Muhammad Bin Qasim Part 2
  4. Qaisar-o-Kisra Part 1
  5. Qaisar-o-Kisra Part 2
  6. Qaisar o Kisra Part 3
  7. Qaisar o Kisra Part 4
  8. Qafla-e-Hijaz Novel Part 1
  9. Qafla e Hijaz Novel Part 2
  10. Qafla e Hijaz Part 3
  11. Pakistan se Diyare Haram Tak
  12. So Saal Baad
  13. Moazzam Ali Part 1
  14. Moazzam Ali Part 2
  15. Khaak Aur Khoon
  16. Shaheen Part 1
  17. Shaheen Part 2
  18. Shaheen Part 3
  19. Porus Ke Haathi
  20. Pardaisi Drakht
  21. Gumshuda Qafle

Islamic historical novel “Gumshuda Qafle” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading in your computer and smartphone.

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