Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Complete 3 Volumes in Urdu

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Complete 3 Volumes in Urdu PDF Free Download

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Complete 3 Volumes in Urdu PDF Free Download

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Complete 3 Volumes in Urdu, compiled by Syed Fazeel Hashmi and Maulana Muhammad Ashfaq Khan. The Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report is a detailed report of the commission formed on the partition of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh. The unique feature of this publication is that it includes the statements of the generals of that time and the headlines and statements of some of the national newspapers of India.

On December 16, 1971, the country created by Quaid-i-Azam was divided into two parts. The majority population of the country made a separate homeland, Bangladesh. The creation of Bangladesh has been the subject of thousands of rumours, assumptions, and stories. This important national and historical document has been combined into these three volumes, but the status of each volume has been established.

Just twenty-four years later, before celebrating its Silver Jubilee, Pakistan suffered a great tragedy. Today, many stories have been passed on about this incident. However, it could not be determined why and who is responsible for this tragedy. On the political leadership of that time! Who has adopted an attitude of disbelief towards East Pakistan or the military leadership of that time who did not adopt a proper strategy to deal with the activities of conspiratorial elements. Army action was taken when the situation became very serious.

To bring the situation to this point, the hostile forces united to sow the seeds of hatred for West Pakistan in the minds of the Bengali people and incited them to revolt. Someone fought for rights, someone served interests, someone became a freedom bearer, and someone was convicted of treason. Some were on the scene, and some were in the background, but now the situation can be understood better because the facts have become apparent to a large extent after the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report came to light. The commission has made great efforts to expose the factors that led to the country’s collapse and the horrific events of human history, which leave one shocked. Each page of the report contains a wealth of information.

With the announcement of the opening of the “Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report” by the government of Pakistan, the search for it started in the market. At the same time, numerous books in the name of “Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report” began appearing in the market which “Hamoodur Rahman Commission”. There was no “report,” but material was filled in here and there, which did not enlighten the reader; the need was that the original report should be published. Therefore, in order to make this possible, “Dar-ul-Shaoor Publisher” published the first edition of the report in September 2000, in which, in addition to some introductory articles, the statements of the generals and their reaction to the commission and “Hamoud-ul-Rahman Commission” in some national newspapers of India. Some published excerpts from the report” have also been included. This book consisted of about four hundred and fifty pages. It was compiled by the renowned researcher Mr. Murtaza Anjum. The first volume was well received, and demand for more volumes continued.

After that, by publishing the second and third volumes one after the other, “Dar-ul-Shawat Publishers” gained the attention of researchers and history lovers across the country. These two volumes had the honour of being translated and compiled by Syed Fazeel Hashmi, the son of the famous translator, researcher, and writer Syed Hashmi Faridabad, and Maulana Muhammad Ashfaq Khan, the well-known progressive leader and journalist of Pakistan. Thus, this important national and historical document was completed in three volumes. Several editions of it continued to be published as three-volume sets.

We also inform our users that, by translating the list of the original English text of the report titled “Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Aik Naza Main” on pages 457, 458, and 459 of the second volume of this book, According to the page numbers have also been entered. So, if anyone wants to use the original text, this list will guide them.

Urdu translation of “Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report” is now available online on Pakistan Virtual Library in a high-quality PDF document for our users’ study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete report in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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Read online Volume II

Read online Volume III

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