Hayat e Pir Baba by Muhammad Shafi Sabir

Hayat e Pir Baba by Muhammad Shafi Sabir

Hayat e Pir Baba by Muhammad Shafi Sabir Pdf Free Download

Hayat-e-Pir Baba is the first authentic book written about the life of Ghaus-e-Zaman Syed Ali Ghawas Tirmizi, aka “Pir Baba.” This book contains information about Hazrat Pir Baba’s life, childhood, education, work, and struggle to promote Islam, etc, in Urdu.

His real name was Syed Ali Ghawas Tirmizi. He belonged to the Sadats descent. He was born in 908 AH in 1502 at Kunduz, a city in northern Afghanistan known as “Tirmiz” in ancient times. Sayed Ali Tirmizi’s family tree is traced back to Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) on the 31st stage through Sultan Sadaat Sayed Ali Akbar bin Imam Hasan al-Askari.

His father, Syed Qanbar Ali, was a commander in the army of the Mughal emperor Humayun. Pir Baba was initially trained by his grandfather, Syed Ahmad Noor Yusuf, a famous Sufi and Waliullah of his time. Throughout his life, Pir Baba taught his followers to abide by the pure Shariat. He died in 1583 AH (991 AH). His shrine is located forty miles from Mingora, Swat, in “Pacha Kalay,” a village in Buner district.

Pir Baba is the name on the tongue of every individual of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; every heart is dedicated to his memory, and every head bows in devotion when they hear his name. Over the centuries, their devotion and respect have grown. No matter the weather or the time, traveling in trucks, buses, wagons, and cars, pilgrims flock to their holy shrine in Buner. From Waziristan to Chitral and from Azad Kashmir and Hazara to Khyber

and Jalalabad, there is hardly a person whose heart is not filled with devotion to Pir Baba. The love and devotion of the people towards this great being is justified because we got the wealth of the true religion through these great saints and great preachers. And what could be a more valuable blessing than the wealth of faith?

These gentlemen are undoubtedly our benefactors and mentors. But it should be called negligence or any other name that no detailed and well-written work about a person like Pir Baba could come to light. Despite their devotion and respect, people became unaware of his comprehensive personality, deeds, and efforts. Unfortunately, the invasion of Western ideas and secular ideologies has affected the minds of today’s youth in such a way that they seem allergic to Sufism and Tareeqah. As soon as they hear the name of the Sufis, the monster of an apostate, a murderer, and a lost man emerges in their minds. However, the fact is that there is hardly anyone more active and awake than these elders. These Mujahideen were for the sake of Allah. All they had to do was spread Allah’s religion to all corners of the earth. Their achievements in this regard were amazing.

In this book, Mohammad Shafi Sabir has made an admirable effort to describe the thoughts and ideas of Hazrat Pir Baba and those around him, his reform campaign, his preaching, and his deeds excellently. The study of the book as a whole creates in the heart of the reader the need for the religion of Islam, the promotion of the Quran and Sunnah, and the zeal and spirit of self-sacrifice for the sake of the true religion. With the same enthusiasm, we can deal with today’s problems. May God reward all the comrades who participated in the publication of this book.

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