Firaq Nama by Khushal Khan Khattak

Firaq Nama by Khushal Khan Khattak

Firaq Nama by Khushal Khan Khattak Pdf Free Download

Firaq Nama book authored by Khushal Khan Khattak. This book contains Pashto classic poetry and prose in Pashto language. Khushal Khan has elapsed approximately five years of his invaluable life in imprisonment of Mughals. Due to his most sensitive nature he never let his pen to stop and incessantly fed the literary flames therewith to be alive even during that imprisonment. “Firaq Nama” is the initial production of that literature of imprisonment which has indubitably proved a foundation stone in the literature of imprisonment. In this book Khushal Khan’s those melodies of imprisonment are particularly highlighted in which he has remembered his region namely Pakhtunkhwa in different manners, which is not only an inception in the literature of imprisonment in Pashto but also an important literary asset of imprisonment, which enfolds a great deal of historical incidents in itself.

There is no doubt that Khushal Khan Khattak has introduced many new topics, genres and ideas in Pashto literature. And in such a beautiful and expert way made these genres and subjects a part of Pashto literature that no one who is not aware of the history of Pashto literature could have imagined that these genres and subjects did not exist in Pashto literature before Khushal Khan. In all these subjects, genres and ideas, there is also a genre of “Habsiyat”.

Khushal Khan Baba founded the “Habsiyah literature” of Pashto language during the Mughal captivity. Prior to this, there were no traces of “Habsiyat” in the popular themes and genres of Pashto literature. By the way, Khushal Baba has created a lot of excellent literature in the form of organized and prose in the prison of the Mughals, but only that Habsiya Kalam of his has been included in this book. Which he wrote in the separation of Pashtunkhwa, his homeland and his family.

Khushal Khan had created a lot of literature during this period but Faraq Nama is his first book which was written while he was imprisoned in the fort of Ranthambore. Fraq Nama consists of 144 pages, including bibliography. In addition, the 16-page scholarly case written by Hamesh Khalil is also an adornment of this book. The book contains 28 ghazals and 25 Masnavis which make up about 1782 poems or 1546 Hemistich.

In this Masnavi, the fort of Ranthambore is mentioned when Khushal Baba, tired of being alone, comforted his heart by remembering different cities of Pashtunkhwa. The Masnavi mentions Kabul, Peshawar, Attock, Khattak, Sarai Akora and Lahore.

In the prison of India, Khushal Khan has sung songs not only about the land, climate, rivers, trees, animals, mountains, maidens, Khattaks, Yousafzais, birds of prey, but also about his Immigrant the Mughal rulers

The point is that Faraqnameh is such an essence of Khushal Khan’s imprisonment incidents that if he had not had this accident, we would not have this great book today.

Throughout this period, Khushal Khan Khattak created a lot of valuable and purposeful literature in the form of poetry and prose, which is not only the basis of “behind-the-scenes literature” in Pashto, but also a valuable asset. And since this unfortunate incident, the two terms “Mughalwala” and “Ranthambore” have been used in Pashto literature as a sign of Mughal oppression.

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