Islam Aur Aurat By Maulana Mehmood-ur-Rasheed

Islam Aur Aurat By Maulana Mehmood-ur-Rasheed 

Islam aur Aurat book Free download in pdf

Islam aur Aurat” (Islam and Women). Written by Maulana Mehmoo-ur-Rasheed. Islam aur Aurat is an Islamic Urdu book regarding women rights in Islam.

Islam Aur Aurat: In several societies, lady remains considered an inferior national and bereft of varied basic rights enjoyed by the male population. Deeply resenting this discrimination, they need championed a fight to get for themselves associate degree equal standing that sadly so far eludes them within the additional trendy Western states. Whereas the apparatus has swung to the extremes and has opened the thanks to licentiousness within the trendy society, the West has usually regarded Moslem girls as being backward during a male-dominated world.
Islam was the primary faith formally to grant the ladies a standing never notable before. The Holy religious writing, the religious writing of Islam, contains many teachings that apply each to men and girls alike. The moral, religious and economic equality of men and girls as propagated by Islam is unquestionable. The precise verses of the Holy religious writing, that address themselves to men or girls, traumatize either their physical variations or the role they every have to be compelled to play in safeguarding the ethical fibre of the society Islam envisages.
This short folder, for the most part supported the first Quranic teachings, deals with the rights enjoyed by Muslim girls, the variety of their functions as Islam sees it, the ideas of wedding, divorce and spousal relationship and the way social and ethical values area unit preserved in Islam.
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