Kalka Devi Novel By M.A Rahat

Kalka Devi Novel By M.A Rahat

Kalka Devi Novel By M.A Rahat Pdf Free Download

Kalka Devi Novel Authored by M.A Rahat. Kalka Devi’s novel contains an interesting mystery story in the Urdu language. The story of this tremendous novel is gripping with complete suspense, action, adventure, and fantasy. 

Renowned author and novelist MA Rahat have written over fifteen hundred novels on crime and punishment, spying, society, science, and fiction. His detective and naturalistic writings are a reference to his identity and popularity. He was the last link in the chain of eminent writers like Ibn Safi, O Hamid, and Mohiuddin Nawab. Remarkably few people succeeded in gaining the fame and popularity he gained as a commercial writer.

Margoob Ali Rahat, better known as MA Rahat, was born in 1941 in Aligarh, India. His grandfather Habib Ali Ragheb was an activist of Tehreek-e-Pakistan in Aligarh. He got his early education in Aligarh and Delhi. After the formation of Pakistan, he moved to Karachi from India in 1955. He obtained his MA in Urdu from Karachi University and took a job in a private company.
While working, he started writing “Imran Series” in 1960. After the popularity of the Imran series, he began writing for digests and magazines. His novels, published in Suspense and Jasoosi Digest, were well received. His novel “Sadiyon Ka Beta, which contains a history of civilizations,” became very popular. Shatranj, Kalka Devi, Bazi, and Nirwan Ki Talash also gained worldwide fame.

MA Rahat passed away on April 24, 2017, in Lahore. His name will always shine in the context of espionage literature, and the charm of his writings will remain intact and fresh. They wrote fiction beyond reason, created their own world, and created their own characters. May Allah Almighty give him a place in His mercy. Amen

Urdu novel “Haalim” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our users. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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