Khushboo By Parveen Shakir

Khushboo Urdu Poetry Book By Parveen Shakir

Khushboo Urdu Poetry Book By Parveen Shakir PDF Free Download

Khushboo Urdu Poetry Book Authored By Parveen Shakir. This book contains the best collection of Parveen Shakir Poetry, Nazams, Ghazals, love, and sad poetry in Urdu language. Urdu classic poetry, Urdu romantic ghazals, and poems on various topics from Parveen Shakir Sahiba.

This book represents the art of a young and beautiful lady. In it, his desires and aspirations are seen as restless. Parvin Shakir has expressed delicate emotions beautifully.

Parveen Shakir was one of the most famous poets in the Urdu language. She was born on 24 November 1952 in Karachi. Pakistan. She began poetry at an early age and her first volume of Urdu poetry, “Khushbu” (Fragrance), in 1976.

Urdu poetry book “Khushboo” is now available in Pakistan’s virtual library in a high-quality PDF document for our visitors to study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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  1. thanks for shairng

  2. I like the poetry of perveen shakir she his write a best gazals

  3. Mujhe novel parhne hain me kese parh sakti hun

    1. buy kro and parho simply…………

  4. bhohot khoob ashaar … hum aapke manoon o mashkoor hai …. Jazak Allah…

  5. Mashallah nice sharing.

  6. i like the poetry composed by orrveen shakir

  7. لون امتیاز

    پروین شاکر کی شاعری اور کشمیری زبان کی عظیم شاعرہ حبہ خاتون کا شاعرانہ مزاج ایک جیسا ہی ہے ۔۔دونوں کی شاعری میں سماجی احتجاج اور اپنوں سے بچھڑنے کا غم عیاں ہے

  8. کیا آپ بتا سکتے ہیں کہ یہ غزل پروین شاکر کی کس کتاب میں ہے؟

    کبھی رک گئے، کبھی چل دیئے، کبھی چلتے چلتے بھٹک گئے
    یوں ہی عمر ساری گزار دی، یوں ہی زندگی کے ستم سہے

  9. Best Shayari Collection

    بہت بہت شکریہ
    مجھے یہاں سے میری پسند کی کتب مل گئی ہیں – جو کہ ڈاؤن لوڈ کرنے میںں بہت آسان ہیں

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