Laash Ladki aur Gaf Ke Gunahgar By Ahmad Yar Khan

Laash Ladki aur Gaf Ke Gunahgar Novel

Laash Ladki aur Gaf Ke Gunahgar Novel Pdf Free Download

Laash Ladki aur Gaf Ke Gunahgar Novel Authored By Ahmad Yar Khan. This novel contains an interesting, and unique true story based on crimes investigation and punishment in Urdu language. Like every story of Ahmad Yar Khan, this story has many adventures, but this investigative story, which is true, is different from all other stories of the author. Some of these events seem incredible. For example, a virgin young girl were expelled from her house by black magic. This is not difficult for black magic experts. Those who are familiar with black magic, know that a master of this knowledge can take the influence of a distant person through telepathy, and can force anyone to do anything.

In this story, you will see grace and disillusionment go together. The character of human nature will also be seen. The important lesson in this story is that the crime behind seven curtains, yet the curtains rise and raise the culprit before the law. The crime cannot be concealed. There is a Divine law other than man-made law. This law is made by the Almighty Allah, Who created man and placed conscience in a human. Criminals can escape from the law of this world, but no one can escape the law of Allah. In this story you will find two characters that could not be captured by the laws of the world, but they could not escape the justice of Allah.

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