Masnoi Zahanat by Baqir Naqvi

Masnoi Zahanat, A New Intellectual Perspective by Baqir Naqvi

Masnoi Zahanat, A New Intellectual Perspective by Baqir Naqvi Pdf Free Download

Masnoi Zahanat, Aik Naya Fikri Tanazur by Baqir Naqvi. The author presents a new intellectual perspective on modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in this book. Throughout the book, he discusses the discovery of trendy “AI” technology and its potential impact on the future of humanity.

Artificial Intelligence is usually called “AI,” and the term AI has now become a permanent English word. It would be important that Urdu speakers also adopt it. The phrase “artificial intelligence” carries a suspicion of formality, artificiality, or manufacturing. The developers of ‘AI’ technology claim that if they succeed in achieving their goal, it will create something indistinguishable from “real” human intelligence. It is another matter that the general idea is that it is impossible to create something similar to human intelligence, let alone something that is exactly like human intelligence.

“What is intelligence?” Baqir Naqvi raises this issue at the beginning of his book. He divides intelligence into “voluntary or innate” and “involuntary.” It can also be called “animal instinct” to a large extent. “Involuntary” intelligence, he says, is unique to humans and, he says, is the process of “skillfully manipulating or using the store of information (data) stored in brain cells.” This definition is largely correct.

Baqir Naqvi is a man of great qualities, but what distinguishes him from others is that Baqir is a man of mixed qualities. He is a fine poet, passionate about painting and calligraphy, and writes in Urdu on modern scientific topics. Baqir Naqvi’s scientific topics are somewhat diverse. He is also interested in the history of science. One of his books is on Cell Biology, and one book on Electronics has already been published and now this current book, “Masnoi Zahanat,” is on the subject of “AI” in Urdu.

Baqar Naqvi has been creating the magic of his poetry for decades, and thus, the world acknowledges his talent. But another enviable side of his personality is highlighted by his writings on new scientific topics. Such people are rare, who, at the same time, have perfect access to the classical poetic tradition, and the scientific discoveries emerging in the present age are still in their sight.

Mosnoi Zahanat’s book will probably be the first book on the subject in Urdu. “Baqir Naqvi” is an achievement that is less to be proud of than selecting the scattered articles subject-wise and conveying them to the public in smooth and simple language. The way in which the translations of the scientific terms used in modern topics and their common sense definitions and interpretations have been done confirms and confirms my belief that if the language and expression are accessible and the translator has a firm grip on the topics, There is no scientific knowledge that cannot be transmitted in Urdu. Subjects covered in “Masnoi Zahanat” seem to meet the academic needs of the modern era. This brilliant work of Baqir Naqvi is a historical document on modern scientific subjects in the Urdu language. It will be beneficial to both the public and the private sectors alike.

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