Mataloona Pukhto Proverbs by Akbar S Ahmed

Mataloona Pukhto Proverbs by Akbar S Ahmed Pdf Free Download

Mataloona Pukhto Proverbs by Akbar S Ahmed Pdf Free Download

Mataloona Paukhto Proverbs authored by Professor Akbar S Ahmed. This book contains Pashto Proverbs along with English translation and explanation. Pashto proverbs provide critical lessons about faith and honor, human nature and relationships, friends and enemies, power and revenge, in short, how to live in a society that is at once fragrant with friendship, fraught with ambiguities, and seared by treachery.”

You are invited to look into the world of the Pashtun through the pages of Mataloona Pashto Proverbs. This selection of over 200 Pashto proverbs from the Afghan frontier borderlands, with English translation and cultural annotations, aims to preserve some of the original flavor of an oral literature that reflects a traditional culture now facing turmoil and inevitable change.

This second edition has been completely updated, revised, and expanded with new material, while taking care to preserve and honor the original work of the first edition. In the second edition it is good to see that the author has given fresh insight into Pukhtoon feeling by adding in all cases a literal translation of the Pashto words. For it does not suffice to tell reader who do not know Pashto.

This book will appeal to readers and students of Pashto and English, to scholars and tourists, to anthropologists and folklorists, and to all those interested in learning more about the Pashtun people.

Mataloon Pashto Proverbs book in now available here on Pakistan virtual library in high quality pdf documents for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading in your computer and android devices.

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