Matti Ka Khel Novel By Razzaq Shahid Kohler

Matti Ka Khel Novel by Razzaq Shahid Kohler

Matti Ka Khel Novel by Razzaq Shahid Kohler PDF Free Download

Matti Ka Khel Novel authored by Razzaq Shahid Kohler. The novel under review, “Matti Ka Khel,” is the story of a young man playing with death. The story was first published as a serial novel in reputable magazines such as the monthly “Hikayat” for two and a half years. It is no less an honor that it has been the most popular monthly series, “Hikayat,” and many readers have been waiting for a new episode.

Only the first few novel episodes were published, and readers began to wonder if they wanted to read the story in book form. But that was impossible at the time. It could only be published in book form after the publication of the concluding episode. Therefore, after the last episode was published in the monthly magazine “Hikayat,” it was published in book form.

Matti Ka Khel is a fascinating socio-cultural and romantic novel by author and novelist Razzaq Shahid Kohler, written on the injustice and oppression of the powerful in our society. It is the story of human love for his land.

Man, who is born of clay, has a solid connection with his land. He does all kinds of terrible and dangerous things to increase his land and his property. He also makes sacrifices to save their land from invaders and occupiers. He dies for the land in his short life and takes the lives of others, even close relatives and blood relatives.

In greed and selfishness, a man becomes pure evil but eventually dies and disappears into a small piece of land, his grave. We hope readers of our social romance novels find this novel exciting and leave their comments and feedback.

Urdu novel “Matti Ka Khel” is now available in Pakistan’s virtual library as a high-quality PDF document for our users’ study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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