Mian Muhammad Umar Chamkani by Dr. Muhammad Hanif

Mian Muhammad Umar Chamkani by Dr. Muhammad Hanif

Mian Muhammad Umar Chamkani by Dr. Muhammad Hanif Pdf Free Download

Mian Muhammad Umar Chamkani, Research and Compilation by Dr. Muhammad Hanif, Chairman, Department of Theology, Islamia College Peshawar. This book contains a biography of Hazrat Mian Muhammad Omar Chamkani in the Urdu language.

The history of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent is a testimony that, like in other countries of the world, the credit for the propagation and protection of Islam here goes to the scholars and leaders. He not only lit the lamp of growth and guidance in all corners of the country but also provided leadership in every era. Whenever there was a movement for the support of Islam, the hand of these religious leaders was behind it. When an attempt was made to destroy the faith of Islam, the same servants of God came to the fore and suppressed internal and external tribulations and maintained the freshness of Gulshan-e-Islam.

In the history of Pakhtunkhwa, the family of Hazrat Akhund Darweza Baba, Khushal Khan Khattak, and Hazrat Mian Muhammad Omar Chamkani is famous for their religious and scholarly deeds. Each of them has done significant work within their perspective and scope. However, the distinction of Hazrat Mian Sahib Chamkani is that he did not confine himself to any particular sphere of life but played a significant role in every field of religion, politics, science, literature, and public welfare. He was a scholar of Ahl-ul-Sunnah Wal-Jamaat, a perfect Sufi and accomplished saint.

In the twelfth century, AH, Allah Almighty, had appointed Wali Allah’s family in India’s land for the service of Islam, so this work came to the Hazrat Mian Sahib Chamkani family in the land of NWFP.

The elders, who can be mentioned here as the servants of religion at that time, Hazrat Mian Sahib Chamkani, have a significant and prominent status. His name was Muhammad Omar, his father was Ibrahim, and his grandfather was Aka Khan. Mian Sahib was known as “Mia Sahib Chamkani” for his residence in Chamkani, a village seven miles east of Peshawar city.

He was of Afghan descent and belonged to the Musa Khel family of the Esuzai branch of the famous Tarkani tribe of the “Shekhi Khel” branch of the “Sarani” Afghans, living in the Bajaur tribal area in the north of the Pukhtun Khwa.

His grandfather Kalakhan migrated from Bajaur and settled in Faridabad, an ancient hereditary town of the Bhatti tribe living on the banks of the Ravi River in Lahore, where Mian Umar was born in 1673. After his father Ibrahim Khan’s death, he settled permanently in the village of Chamkani, near Peshawar, his mother’s hometown.

This book is a complete history of this incredible and perfect Sufi and his family background. It sheds light on his services to the propagation of Islam in the Indian subcontinent in a concise but comprehensive manner.

Urdu book “Hayat o Asar Hazrat Mian Muhammad Umar Chamkani” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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