Muhazirat e Maeeshat o Tijarat by Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi


Muhazirat e Maeeshat o Tijarat by Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi

Muhazirat e Maeeshat o Tijarat by Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi Pdf Free Download

Muhazirat e Maeeshat o Tijarat authored by Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi. This is the sixth volume of the series of lectures that are being presented for the reading of the readers of the Pakistan Virtual Library. The subject of this volume is a general and concise introduction to the rules of Shari’ah regarding economy and trade. In today’s world, the problems of the economy, trade, and finance are as important as the problems of politics and the state sixty or seventy years ago. The period from the early twentieth century to almost the middle of the century was a time of discussion of state and political issues and ideas. Different political concepts, different ideologies about the state, and the role of the state in human life were discussed around the world. That is why a large part of the attention of the emerging Muslim thinkers in this period was focused on issues related to politics and the state itself.
From the middle of the twentieth century, the situation began to change and politics was replaced by economics. Until the end of the twentieth century, the problems of economics in the world of ideas remained the focus of scholars. The issues of globalization, globalization, and international trade have become increasingly important over the past decades.
Even in this age of globalization and globalization, the issues of international trade and the global economic system are of great importance. The two major economic systems of the West have not been able to solve the problems of the Islamic world. Communism has died its own death. Capitalism is beginning to show signs of weakness and old age. Now, for the first time, interest in the economic teachings of Islam is growing in the Western world. As the Western economy struggles, so does the importance of studying Islamic economics. Some Western universities are launching higher education and training programs in Islamic economics and banking.
In these circumstances, it is the duty of the people of Pakistan to create a sense of responsibility in this regard. Get acquainted with the rules of the Islamic economy and trade and play your role in speeding up the process of implementation of these rules in the beloved homeland.
The lectures under consideration are a manifestation of this sense of need. The addressees of these lectures are not economists and jurists, but generally educated people, especially those from the business community. These lectures were given during 2009 at various academic conferences in Duha (Qatar).
Like the previous lectures, the present lectures were also given orally with the help of short notes and memos. Hafiza Hafsa Zainab Ghazi did the job of transferring them from the soundtrack to the text format.

Islamic Urdu book “Muhazirat e Maeeshat o Tijarat” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high-quality Pdf documents for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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