Muhazirat e Shariat By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi

Muhazirat e Shariat By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi

Muhazirat e Shariat By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi Pdf Free Download

Muhazirat e Shariat is an Islamic book  Authored By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghaz. Mahazrat e Shariat’s book introduces the Islamic Shariah laws and provides authenticated information and knowledge of the Muslim law and civilization in the Urdu language.
The fifth volume of the series of Islamic lectures, “Mahazrat e Shariat” is hereby presented for the study of the readers. It is a collection of twelve sermons of Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi. In these lectures, an attempt has been made to give a comprehensive and complete introduction to Islamic law and to present its basic elements and chapters precisely in the same way as the authentic, trustworthy, and reliable jurists, theologians, and purifiers of Islamic history have understood and explained it. Every effort has been made to remove any misunderstandings or Confusion in some quarters regarding the teaching of Shariah and its rules and regulations.
Along with the general and comprehensive introduction of Shari’ah, it has also been consciously kept in mind that Shari’ah should not be viewed from a merely theoretical point of view and no attempt should be made to describe it in any space, but Shari’ah should be universal to the Muslim Ummah. And to be seen, understood, and articulated in the context of the interpersonal character, and Islamic law to be highlighted as the most effective, strongest, and most comprehensive driving force of Muslim society.

These lectures were presented at different times in different forums in Islamabad and Doha (Qatar). The intervals in these meetings were very long and the audience kept changing. That is why there is a lot of repetition in some subjects. As this repetition is about some important issues, so no attempt has been made to remove it. It is hoped that the readers will forgive this weakness of the book and the author (like many other weaknesses).

Some of these lectures were first presented at the Institute of Policy Studies in Islamabad in January 2008, however, most of the lectures in this collection are the ones that were presented in the short and limited meetings in Doha (Qatar). Hafiza Hafsa Zainab Ghazi, daughter of Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi, worked hard and diligently to compile these natural lectures from audio to written form.

Topics covered in this volume included the introduction of Islamic Shariah, its features, aims, and wisdom. Muslim Ummah and Muslim society, ethics and civilization, Islamic Shariah and individual reform and training, family management in Islam and its importance, Shariah Guidance for state and government, Purification and Virtue, Belief and faith, The First Basis of the Shariah System, Theology, Scientific Interpretation and Compilation of Belief and faith.

Islamic Urdu book “Muhazirat e Shariat” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high-quality Pdf documents for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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