Muhazirat e Seerat By Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi

Muhazirat e Seerat By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi

Muhazirat e Seerat By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi Pdf Free Download

Muhazirat e Seerat Islamic Book Authored By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi. This book is the fourth in a series of lectures. Earlier, three volumes have been presented under the names of Mahazrat e Qurani, Mahazrat e Hadith, and Mahazrat e Fiqh. The lectures in this volume discuss the science of Seerah in Urdu.

There are thousands of books on Seerah in the Urdu language. Dozens of books in this Seerah library deserve the most prominent place in the history of Seerat un Nabi s.a.w. However, in our language, material on the history, compilation, and methodology of Seerah is relatively scarce. If Urdu readers want to get acquainted with the basic information and important events of Seerat e Pak, then there is a lot of material in our language. However, there is a lack of material in Urdu on the subjects of what stages the Seerah went through and for what purposes the biographers compiled all this literature.

In addition, some Western writers have expressed doubts about the early sources of the Seerah and questioned the scholarly status of the efforts of the early biographers. Sadly, our Western-educated class considers every piece of writing from the West to be a unique example of research. About this class, Allama Iqbal had said eighty or ninety years ago that the modern educated class of Muslims is very low. This degradation of nature today feels extremely small. Now, its effects are beginning to show in the form of mistrust of the sources of the Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence, and the Seerah of the Holy Prophet s.a.w. In these circumstances, the need and importance of discussing the early compilation of the art of Seerah, its history of evolution, and its methodology have become much greater than before.

About half of the twelve lectures in this book deal with the history and compilation of the Seerah. In these lectures, an attempt has been made to remove the misunderstandings and confusion created by the Western Orientalists and their Eastern followers. The other two lectures deal with the state and the society of Madinah. Talking about the state of Madinah seems inevitable in today’s context. Today, the Islamic world seems to be in a state of intense conflict. The collective conscience of Muslims and national unity demands that they map out their future in the light of their cultural traditions. The world of Islam is witnessing various manifestations of this effort. However, the truth is that for the success of these efforts, an extraordinary and critical insight, as well as a deep knowledge of the fundamentals of Islam, is essential because the importance of studying the state of Madinah and the society of Madinah is beyond description.

After discussing Madinah’s state and society, the two important aspects of Seerah, i.e., the early sources and the jurisprudence of Seerah, have also been discussed. Today, most of the objections of the Western and Eastern Orientalists to the Prophet’s biography relate to these two fields. Finally, a general overview of the trends in the study of Seerah in modern times and the possible aspects of the study of Seerah in the future are also discussed. These lectures were given orally based on short notes, which were later transferred from audio track to book form.

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