Muhazirat e Fiqh By Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi

Muhazirat e Fiqh By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi

Muhazirat e Fiqh By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi Pdf Free Download

Muhazirat e Fiqh Authored By Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi. This book is a collection of twelve lessons on the subject of history, compilation, and renewal of Islamic jurisprudence. This third volume of the series of lectures is presented by Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi. The first two volumes of this series are entitled “Muhazirat e Qurani” and “Muhazirat e Hadees“.

The present volume contains a general introduction to Islamic jurisprudence, in which some important aspects of Islamic jurisprudence have been tried to be grouped under twelve headings. Islamic jurisprudence is a boundless sea, the breadth of which is difficult, to sum up in a single volume or even in dozens of volumes. However, efforts have been made to present the important subjects, basic discussions, basic concepts, and essential aspects of Islamic jurisprudence to the modern educated people in simple and easy Urdu language.

Among the Urdu-speaking readers, who are interested in Islamic jurisprudence generally belong to three types of gentlemen. A large number of them belong to the field of law and advocacy. They need to know the position of Islamic jurisprudence on many issues while performing their daily duties.

Books on Islamic jurisprudence that are available in Urdu or English generally do not meet this requirement. A large number of books available in Urdu have been translated from Arabic. Despite the weakness and inadequacy of the translations, these books do not answer the questions of a modern educated jurist in his familiar style and idiom. Ancient Arabic books are usually insufficient but sometimes useless for those who do not specialize in Islamic laws and who have not fully aware of the basic concepts of Islamic jurisprudence.

Moreover, the addressees of the ancient books of jurisprudence in Arabic were the jurists who had been experts in the science of jurisprudence in their own time. They were well-versed in the specialties of Islamic laws, basic concepts, and essential topics of Islamic jurisprudence and were a long-time expert in this field. They generally needed details instead of the basics of Islamic jurisprudence. Therefore, these books were often written with their needs in mind. That is why most Islamic jurisprudence books focus on jurisprudential details.

Furthermore, like any science or art, the style and manner of expressing the principles of jurisprudence change with each passing age. At a time, these teachings were expressed in the language and style of purely religious beliefs and teachings. Thus, in the writings of Imam Shafi and Imam Muhammad ibn Shaybani and other jurists like them, there was a distinct style of discussing the doctrines of Shari’ah. Then soon came a time when jurisprudential and principled discussions began to be expressed in the style of logic and philosophy. The highest example of this style can be seen in the writings of Imam Ghazali and Imam Razi. This style is very different from the style of the believers.

In modern times, Western ideas and discourses have profoundly affected Islamic jurisprudence and discourse. A large part of the books being written on Islamic jurisprudence in the Arab world today are books that are being written in the style and concept of Western law. In these circumstances, there is a need to prepare books in the Urdu language according to this new style so that law and advocacy professionals can better and more effectively understand the position of Islamic jurisprudence.

The second type of people interested in Islamic jurisprudence is scholars who carry out the responsibilities of jurisprudence or Ifta. Thus, the fulfillment of the needs of these gentlemen comes from ancient books and motherbooks. But to some extent, these gentlemen also need to present the subjects of Islamic jurisprudence in a new way. It would be appropriate for these scholars to be acquainted with the contemporary writings on Islamic jurisprudence and show no hesitation in adopting the new style. This will also help them articulate the position of Islamic jurisprudence and make it easier to get acquainted with this new era of Islamic jurisprudence.

The third type of people interested in Islamic jurisprudence who are affiliated with or graduated from universities and modern educational institutions who have studied Islamic jurisprudence in a general and superficial way and want to know the position of Islamic jurisprudence in more detail. Such gentlemen need to prepare such books in the Urdu language in which the position of Islamic jurisprudence according to their intellectual background and style and idiom has been explained with the help of the most authoritative sources.

One of the main reasons for the misconceptions about Islamic jurisprudence today is the availability of literature that these three types of people can use to express the position of jurisprudence effectively. The present book is a small attempt to achieve this goal. I hope this book will be useful and interesting not only for the students of Islamic jurisprudence, lawyers, and jurists but also for the generally educated people to understand the position of Islamic jurisprudence in its correct context in many matters. We will be able to appreciate its significance in modern times.

Like the earliest volumes of the series, i.e., Muhazirat e Quran and Muhazirat e Hadees, the addressees of these lectures were the madrassas affiliated with the Qur’anic teaching circles in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A large number of respected women also participated in these lectures and encouraged the speaker. These sermons were given orally with short notes and gestures and later transferred from audio track to book form.

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