Nawab Bahadur Haider Ali Khan By Almas M.A

Nawab Bahadur Haider Ali Khan By Almas M.A

Nawab Bahadur Haider Ali Khan By Almas M.A Pdf Free Download

Nawab Bahadur Haider Ali Khan Novel Authored By Almas M.A. The book is a historical novel based on the life and struggle of Haider Ali Khan, the Sultan of the southern Indian state of Mysore. He defeated the British as well as the Marhats and the Nizam of Deccan with great bravery and excellent strategy.

He proved that the sword is not only used for destruction, ruin, and murder but also when the spirit of construction is in the heart. Haider Ali was the forerunner of such swordsmen who raised their swords for construction instead of destruction. Although he was uneducated, his plan to turn a small state into a great empire is astonishing. On the one hand, the Deccan system. On the other hand, the Marhats, and on the third hand, the foreign merchants who were strengthening the foundations of British rule, kept trying to stop Haider Ali at every step. But this Mujahid and conqueror succeeded in building the great “Kingdom of Mysore.” You will surely like this great novel about the great struggle of this determined Mujahid of Islam.

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