Nazriyati Jang Kay Mahaz By Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan

Nazriyati Jang Kay Mahaz By Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan

Nazriyati Jang Kay Mahaz By Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan Pdf Free Download

Nazriyati Jang Kay Mahaz Book Authored By Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan. A detailed book exposing the various fronts of the intellectual war and ideological war of the West on the Islamic world. In this book, Maulana Ismail Rehan has given an unbiased analysis of various tyrannical ideologies including Orientalism, Colonialism, Tansir (Conversion to Christianity), Globalization, and Secularism.

Ideological aggression is more effective than military warfare in order to keep the nations of the world under their control forever and without a fight. Because military warfare often leads to intense confrontation and reaction from most of the opponents, which prolongs the war and increases the war costs and losses. Ultimately the result is the defeat of the attacker, even if it is a long time later. 

Ideological warfare is a war that infidels fight to subjugate Muslims through non-military means and radically change the Islamic structure of their beliefs, thought, customs, morals, and way of life. So that Muslims lose their individual identity and they have to imitate the West in all walks of life. Also, the idea of ​​military war against the infidels did not remain in the mind of any Muslim. Ideological warfare does not target the physical appearance of Muslims but rather targets their minds, thoughts, social customs, and morals. Because these are the esoteric factors that put the people of a nation at the forefront of the war to save their physical and spiritual existence and to fight the invaders.

As military resources are utilized in military warfare, ie army, artillery, tanks, ships, bombs, ammunition, cartridges, guns, military technology, military force, and trained expert military officers, etc. are used. Similarly, on the ideological front, intellectual resources such as teachers, books, seminaries, schools, colleges, scientific research libraries, newspapers and magazines, medical institutes, media, broadcasting such as radio, television, cinema, internet, etc. are used. Satellite, film companies, political figures, and political parties, political literature, sexual desires, and women’s participation in everything. These are all resources that affect human thinking and ideology and change the ideological direction of nations. Today, thousands of Western institutions are engaged in this ideological war.

What are Orientalism, Colonialism, Tansir, Globalization, and Secularism?
Why are Muslims in the world like this?
Why Muslim rulers are not united?
Why are there regional, linguistic, and sectarian riots everywhere?

Detailed answers to all these questions are contained in this book. Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan has exposed the conspiracies of anti-Islamic forces in this 400-page book in such a way that you will be shocked step by step.

Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan is a well-known Islamic scholar, high-profile historian, columnist, and analyst. He is a graduate of Jamia Mahad-ul-Khalil and has been a lecturer in Jamiat-ur-Rasheed, Karachi for a long time. Maulana Ismail Rehan tries to cover every subject on which he writes. Spend a lot of time on research, sometimes after ten years of research on a subject, bring it to light in book form. Their historiography is for invitational and corrective purposes. He narrates historical events in simple language and smooth words.

So far, the following works by him have come to light:

  1. Asteen Ke Sanp
  2. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi (two volumes)
  3. Tareekh e Afghanistan (two volumes)
  4. Sultan Jalaluddin Khawazam
  5. Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki. Tahqiqi Jaiza
  6. Teri Naqsh e Pa Ki Talash Main
  7. Nazriyati Jang Ke Usool
  8. Tareekh Ummat e Muslima (six volumes)

The book “Nazriyati Jang Kay Mahaz” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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