Paronay Pashto Poetry Book by Rabia Mumtaz

Paronay Pashto Poetry Book by Rabia Mumtaz

Paronay Pashto Poetry Book by Rabia Mumtaz Pdf Free Download

Paronay Pushto Poetry book, authored by Rabia Mumtaz (Circa: 1970 – 2012). This book contains unique collection of Pashto language poetry and Ghazals of Rabia Mumtaz. This is her second featured book written & Printed 2004. The first one is SPELANI  Pashtu poetry written and publish in 2000.

Rabia Mumtaz

Rabia Mumtaz was born in very religious family in village Darmangi near Peshawar on Warsak road having 4 daughters and 3 sons. 1 Col Ziauddin got Shaheed in Sierra Leone, other is retired as Maj from Pakistan army. The elder one migrated to Canada. She passed away in 2013. (May the Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be upon her).

She is the wife of Abdullah Jan Maghmoom a well known poet, writer, broadcaster, drama artist, Radio Pakistan Peshawar also well known among Pashtun in Pakistan and around the world by his ales Marchaki, Painda Khan, Hidayat Khan.

Rabia Mumtaz has not been to school, done home schooling. Her father was in British army officer as chaplain, due to which she traveled all around India and get a lot of vision and experience. Her father was also poet. (no published book)

In Pashtun culture it is very rear to find female writer, especially female poets (Circa 1969-70). Her poetry, broadcasted from radio Pakistan Peshawar time by time contain, Milli Nagham’s, Ghazals, and folk song etc.

She spend much of her thoughts on women & there roll in our society as wife, mother, daughter. She writes and speak Urdu fluently. Also, she was very good in Hindko language.

In her second book intro she said (as under) so we can understand her feeling and literary level etc:

“Great full to all sisters’ brothers how liked my first book. I never taught that I would get this much appreciation, so this give me courage to publish my second book PARONAY. quickly. And hope I will get same response again. also planning to publish my 3rd book in near feature, (she passed away before that book published)

In my first book, the subject was more related to females (mothers and sisters), due to which the book was purchased mostly by sisters. Some of my writer colleagues / brothers instruct me that I should more care to write according to the rules and regulation (prose) of poetry, (at that time) my reply was this that if my poetry is not at balance according to rules regulation (prose) but still, I passed my (substance) massage to readers.

And they will understand my viewpoints and will understand my feeling.

At present In this book I tried my best to keep my poetry according to the rules and regulation of poetry (prose). And hope no body will compliant.

In this book my topic is, Ghazal, Nazim (poems) and subjects are village, streets, home, kitchens, daughters, sons, and every day topic related to daily common person life. As I am sister, mother, wife. I tried my best to spread love, and every reader should give some space for love in his heart, by doing this we will spread love, in our home, street and all over the world.”

Peshawar, Pakistan. Pashto poetry book “Paronay” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading in your computer or smartphone.

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