Prithvi Ghauri Afsane By Agha Gul

Prithvi Ghauri Afsane By Agha Gul

Prithvi Ghauri Afsane By Agha Gul Pdf Free Download

Prithvi Ghauri Afsane, authored by Agha Gul. The book “Prithvi Ghauri” is a collection of eleven works of social and historical fiction by Agha Gul. Apart from Balochistan, Agha Gul’s fiction depicts the global scenario and the problems of the life of an ordinary man who belongs to any part of the world. Apart from this, various characters of world history are also revealed in his fiction, while he also narrates historical events in different fiction, which shows his historical awareness.

One of his fiction is titled “Prithvi Ghauri”, in which he presented the two historical characters who have played a vital role in the history of the Sub-continent from a new perspective. Even at the beginning of this story, they seem to be enemies of each other and are looking to kill each other, but towards the end, they start killing the wolves that come in and wave the white flag for peace between them. As human beings, the spirit of respect for each other arises in them, and they want to live together. They ask each other about their fight that has been going on for who knows how long and how long this fight will end.

Agha Gul is one of Pakistan’s most talented and creative writers. He is a fiction writer from Balochistan who has published the most fiction collections, which are five in number. Apart from this, two of his short novels and a novelette have also been published. His legendary collections are Raskoh, Akash Sagar, Gorich, Tarma and Gwango. While two novels are Bela and Dasht e Wafa. One of the novelettes is “Dasht Mein Safar”. His other works are Pars Lafzein, Tareekh Ki Gawahi, Shadr o Marjan, etc. These books are historical and academic in nature.

The names of Agha Gul’s fictional collections are Balochi words, while most of his characters are familiar names in Balochistan. These names are kept only here and are not heard in other parts of Pakistan, like Nabu Jan, Ganok, and Tikri. Agha Gul is a fiction writer whose writing is characterized by locality and regionalism. In his fiction, the culture and society of Balochistan emerge with strength, growth and influence. His various works of fiction have been translated from Urdu to Balochi, Brahvi, Pashto, Hindi and English.

Agha Gul not only describes these historical events and characters of Balochistan, but he also examines the effects of neo-demographic civilization in Balochistan in his fiction. The arrival of the British here, the objectives of their arrival (i.e. to fight against Russia and prevent them from reaching warm waters), its effects on the cultural life of Balochistan, the availability of new employment opportunities and those who know different skills and arts from outside Balochistan. The artisans’ arrival story is also seen in their legends.

Agha Gul is the artist and writer of Balochistan whose stories make the hearts of the people of Balochistan beat. They seem to be walking and alive in these legends. Whether their problems are personal or collective, psychological and emotional or the incompetence of the social and social governments or the cruel indifference of the Sardars and Nawabs, the people of Balochistan are struggling daily. Be it the atrocities of the military regime and the brutal and one-sided black laws created and enforced by the authoritarians, or the climate of terror and fear that has continued in recent years, the separatists’ campaign to target the settlers or kidnap and kill the oppressed.

Like the increasing number of heinous acts, Agha Gul has written on all these topics bluntly. It is written in a disciplined and impressive way. The quality of his art is small sentences, with eloquent words in a few words and even cutting sarcasm. He uses words thoughtfully and pays attention to the structure of sentences and the communication of meanings. Writing is not a mental indulgence but a great goal and ideal for him. Aghagal also considers the factors due to which intellectual recession and human apathy have made the soul depressed and restless. Especially in his fiction “Qaraqli”, this impression is more profound and meaningful.

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