Pukhtoon Aik Khaka by Ghani Khan

Pukhtoon Aik Khaka by Ghani Khan

Pukhtoon Aik Khaka by Ghani Khan Pdf Free Download

Pukhtoon Aik Khaka book authored by Ghani Khan and translated into Urdu by Abid Khan. Pukhtoon Ek Khaka (The Pathan, A Sketch” is a book  Ghani Khan, in which we learn about the Pathans race and origin’ their habits, their customs, their natural tendencies, their friendships and enemies, their hospitality and humanitarianism and their good and evil.  One can easily know the qualities and the traits of the Pathan nation.

Ghani’s view of the Pashtuns ethnicity is radically different from other historians. Ghani Khan does not believe that Pashtuns are Bani Israel, not Aryans, but rather believes that Pashtuns belong to Greek ethnicity.

Ghani Khan was a great Pashtun poet, intellectual, philosopher, artist, and politician of the twentieth century. However, he is more famous as a poet among Pakhtuns. His poetry is very popular among Pashtuns. He has given a new dimension and high quality to Pashto poetry and for the first time he introduce philosophical ideas into Pashto poetry. He is against traditional Mulla in his poetry, and he expresses the contradictions of their words in a very beautiful and impressive way. However, his poetry also shows glimpses of Sufism. Sometimes what he seemingly say, If his poetry is to be seen in depth, it certainly shows a special relationship with God.

Few people will know that Ghani Khan has also written in prose. He wrote a very good book in the English language called “The Pathans, A Sketch” in which he had a brief but very comprehensive overview of every aspect of the life of the Pashtuns. His book was first published in 1958.

For the Ghani fans, the Urdu translation of his book “Pukhtoon ek Khaka” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high quality Pdf document. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading in your computer and smartphone.

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