Shaikh e Akbar Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi by Muhammad Shafi Baloch

Shaikh e Akbar Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi History in Urdu

Shaikh e Akbar Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi by Muhammad Shafi Baloch Pdf Free Download

Shaikh e Akbar Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi by Muhammad Shafi Baloch. This book contains the complete history and life events of the world-famous Master of Sufism “Ibn ul Arabi” in the Urdu language. Ibn e Arabi was one of the world’s great spiritual teachers, Mystic, philosophers, poets and Islamic scholars in the 12th century. His cosmological teachings became the dominant worldview in many parts of the Islamic world.

Ibn ʿArabi was born on 26 July 1165 AD into the Moorish culture of Andalusian Spain and died on 16 November 1240 AD. At that time, Spain was the centre of an extraordinary flourishing and cross-fertilization of Jewish, Christian and Islamic thought, through which the major scientific and philosophical works of antiquity were transmitted to Northern Europe.

His full name was Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ail ibn Muhammad ibnʿArabi al-Ḥatimi al-Ṭai. He was an Arab Andalusian Muslim scholar, whose works have grown to be very influential beyond the Muslim world. Ibn e Arabi is well known as “Shaikh-e-Akbar Mohiuddin Ibn-e-Arabi ” among the practitioners of Sufism throughout the Middle East and was considered a saint.

He has profoundly influenced the development of Islam since his time, as well as significant aspects of the philosophy and literature of the West. His wisdom has much to offer us in the modern world in terms of understanding what it means to be human.

The present book “Shaik e Akbar Mohiddun Ibn e Arabi” provides comprehensive information about the life and work of Ibn e Arabi r.a in Urdu.  We hope that this book will fulfil the needs of students, research scholars as well as serious Urdu readers.

The book is now available on the Pakistan Virtual Library in a high-quality PDF document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone. 

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