Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi 2 Volumes by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi 2 Volumes by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan Pdf Free Download

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Shakhsiyat o Karname written by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan. Conqueror of Al-Quds Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Personality and achievements in the Urdu language. This two-volume masterpiece is the first detailed research work in Urdu on the life of Salahuddin Ayubi.

Sultan Salahuddin Yusuf Ayubi is a great conqueror and unique leader in the history of the Islamic world whose greatness has been acknowledged not only by his own people but also by others. World history is incomplete without the mention of Sultan Ayub. As far as Islamic history is concerned, I think hardly any of the Muslim monarchs has gained as much greatness, popularity, and affection as Sultan Ayubi.

Sultan Salahuddin is a role model for every Islamic mujahid and every Muslim leader. His life is a beacon for a scholar and also for a soldier. There are lessons of guidance for a ruler and for a subordinate in his life events. The fact is that every page of the Sultan’s life is an admonition and a message by which we can improve our world and the hereafter.

Sultan Ayubi also has the uniqueness of other sultans that his life events have been preserved in great detail by the chroniclers of his time. The circumstances of any other ruler of the Islamic world have not been described in such detail. Fortunately, all these original sources have survived from that time to the present day and the later ones have been using them continuously. That is why the sources for the work on Sultan Ayubi are available with a little bit of searching. 

Taking advantage of the availability of sources, numerous books have been written on the character of Sultan Ayubi, especially in the Arab world over the last four decades. The business of many European publishers is also running on the tail of books written on Sultan Ayubi’s life. Sultan Ayubi is still more popular among the youth of Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and the Hijaz than any other contemporary leader or politician. The younger generation loves to read books written on the life of Sultan Ayubi and is determined to make sacrifices for the cause of Allah. Every oppression of Israel reminds them of Sultan Ayubi and they use the Sultan’s way of life as a guide to responding to these oppressions. They are ready to repeat the lesson given by Sultan Ayubi for the recovery of Al-Quds, which has shaken Israel and America.

But sadly, the Urdu language seems barren in this regard. In the Indian subcontinent, where the history of Islam has been neglected for the last 40 years, this great role of history has also been deprived of the attention of scholars and has been eroded by the special pranks of ignorant writers. Storytellers unfamiliar with the alphabet of history have noticed this gap in the historical field and at the same time, they know the devotion of Sultan Ayubi in the hearts of Muslim youth. Therefore, they have made it their habit to publish fabricated fiction in the name of Sultan Ayubi’s history.

As a result, if a student of history goes to the book market today, he finds fictional stories about the situation of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, which makes him more ignorant about history than he was before he studied them. In his heart and mind, the great concept of Islamic history is distorted and the concepts of halal and haraam begin to be trampled.

Most people who search for details of Sultan Ayub’s Crusades read Al-Tamish’s book “Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki“, a historical fiction novel consisting of fictional events. But unfortunately, people who are unfamiliar with history believe such myths to be true. That is why there was an urgent need for a book that would bring to our notice the situation of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi with complete fidelity, reliability, and detail and save the people from being blindly driven by ignorance.

The book under review has been written for this purpose. It narrates the life and deeds of Sultan Ayubi with full truth, honesty, and research. From the earliest days of Sultan Ayubi to his struggle for the independence of Al-Aqsa, the battles of the Third Crusade. It brings to you the sultan’s night and day activities and highlights his speech and character with reference to the most trusted narrators and most authoritative books. It also gives a detailed account of the political and military background of that time and reveals the conspiracies and machinations of the European monarchs. As you read these pages of history, you too will find yourself traveling with the Sultan, after which your thoughts and feelings will definitely get a new direction and your emotions will get new energy.

The author of the book is Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan, a well-known Islamic scholar, eminent historian, columnist, and analyst. He is a graduate of Mahad-ul-Khalil Islamic University and has been a teacher of Islamic history in Jamia-tur-Rasheed, Karachi. Maulana Ismail Rehan tries to cover every subject on which he writes. They spend a lot of time researching and sometimes publish it in book form after ten years of research on a subject. Their chronology is for invitational and corrective purposes. They narrate historical events in simple language and smooth words.
So far, the following works by him have come to light:

  1. Asteen Ke Sanp
  2. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi (two volumes)
  3. Tareekh e Afghanistan (two volumes)
  4. Sultan Jalaluddin Khawazam
  5. Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki. Tahqiqi Jaiza
  6. Teri Naqsh e Pa Ki Talash Main
  7. Nazriyati Jang Ke Mahaz
  8. Nazriyati Jang Ke Usool
  9. Tareekh Ummat e Muslima (six volumes)

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