Treatment Guideline For Homeopathic Medicine by Dr. Gurudas Sarker

Treatment Guideline For Homeopathic Medicine by Dr. Gurudas Sarker Pdf Free Download

Treatment Guideline For Homeopathic Medicine by Dr. Gurudas Sarker Pdf Free Download

Treatment Guideline For Homeopathic Medicine authored by Dr. Gurudas Sarker Assistant Professor (Materia Medica) and Head of the Department of Homeopathy Govt Homeopathic Degree College and Hospital Dhaka. Published by Office of the Director, Homeo and Traditional Medicine Dhaka.


In Bangladesh, Traditional and Homeopathic system of medicine have been used in medical practice for thousands of years and have played a significant role in maintaining human health. Most of the people of the county meet their health care needs with these systems, as they are unable to access conventional medicine due to poverty.

To strengthen the system “Traditional and Homeopathic Medicine”, the Government of Bangladesh has appointed 45 alternative medical care (Unani, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic) medical officers at the District level Hospitals of Bangladesh. They are providing health services with the existing health facilities without a uniform treatment guideline available to them so that the service could be rational and cost-effective.

This guideline will be helpful for the traditional and homeopathic medicine practitioners, basically for the graduate physicians. In this guideline treatment of different diseases with their doses, side effects, duration, route of administration, contraindication, etc. have been included. It is made on the priority basis of diseases treated with traditional and homeopathic medicine in the district level hospitals given by medical officers. The expert teachers from different departments of Government Unani and Ayurvedic Degree College and Govt Homeopathic Degree College and medical officers of alternative medical care participated actively in the development of this guideline.

The developed treatment guideline for rational and cost-effective use of traditional and homeopathic medicine will play a significant role in health care delivery system. It will be very helpful for the traditional and homeopathic medicine practitioners who are working at the different district level hospitals of Bangladesh. As there was no uniform treatment guideline for the traditional and homeopathic medicine practioners, they had to face some difficulties in the treatment of different diseases. This guideline will also be helpful for the allopathic medicine practitioners for proper management of diseases.

This treatment guide book will be continued, where herbal, mineral, animal and chemical drugs are incorporated, readily available, therapeutically effective, safe enough and inexpensive.

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