Do Yateem Novel by Raaz Yousafi

Do Yateem Novel by Raaz Yousafi Pdf Free Download

Do Yateem Novel

Do Yateem Novel by Raaz Yousafi Pdf Free Download

Do Yateem Novel authored by Raaz Yousafi. Some years ago one of a French writer Paul Jackson was wrote a novel “ The Orphans of Sumitra” for kids which was awarded by the French government. The novel was translated into almost all languages and all the country’s children liked it. Do Yateem is the Urdu translation of this so interested and instructive French novel. Translated into Urdu by Raaz Yousafi Sahib and published by Feroz Sons in 1976.

This novel is the story of a young boy whose parents died in infancy, and left him alone in the world. But he fought all the troubles with courage and daring and finally succeeded in his aim.

The story of this novel told us that life is not just a bed of flowers but also a sharp of thorns. Human beings are engaged with happiness and sorrow. But brave one, who facing difficulties happily and finally fined the reassures of joys and broke the mounts of tribulations. This novel can produce consistency, courage and true dedication to the goal.

Visit the following link to read online and also free download 2 Yateem novel in Pdf format for offline reading.

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