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Zinda Log Book Authored By Khan Asif. The book “Zinda Log (The Living People)” is a collection of articles about the 14 most famous Auliya e Kiram (saints) in which the circumstances and events of those glorious religious leaders have been described in a very heartfelt manner.

Allah Almighty has created such great and glorious people in every age who have made his perfect religion alive and immortal in every age. And this writing is also about those beloveds of God. The name of Khan Asif Sahib does not require any introduction. The devotion and love he had for the saints are difficult to describe in words. He wrote more than five thousand pages about the ideal lives of the Auliya e Kiram in the Urdu language.

Khan Sahib spent most of his life expressing this devotion and love and continued to offer devotional offerings in the service of saints. It is the blessing of Allah’s friends that his writings are so popular today. It is also important to mention here that it was Khan Asif who has started writing the biographies of Sufis and saints in a legendary manner. His first article was published in the early issues of “Subrang Digest” under the title “Gumnam Majzoob” and was later imitated by other writers. But those writers made a mistake by portraying Muslim saints as magical and Talismanic characters like Hindu yogis and sannyasis. This horrible thing happened in the Urdu language and especially in Pakistan, which caused a lot of religious damage to the less educated Muslims and gave an opportunity to the deniers of saints to open their mouths. The same is true of our electronic media who has not fulfilled its responsibilities. Most of them presented such religious programs which made the “Muslim masses” fall asleep instead of waking up.
Even today, our electronic media places more emphasis on “rhetoric” than on character building. Singing the poetry of Amir Khusro and Baba Bulle Shah is neither the mood of love nor ascension. It is our misfortune that we do not know anything about the pious lives of the Auliya e Kiram (saints) and do not seem to follow their teachings. What a strange love it is, and what a reverent prostrations it is to be accused of polytheism.

The collection of articles under review is a small gift of Khan Asif Sahib in the service of saints. These articles present the historical events of the religious leaders who denied power and authority and did not submit to any dictator of the time.

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