Adha Chehra Novel by Mohiuddin Nawab

Adha Chehra Novel by Mohiuddin Nawab

Adha Chehra Novel by Mohiuddin Nawab Pdf Free Download

Adha Chehra is a masterpiece social novel authored by Mohiuddin Nawab. It is one of the best social romantic and reforming moral novels in the Urdu language. A mirror of the ups and downs of life, a reflection of the outward and inward human beings. A sharp, polite, and humble story from the pen of Mohiuddin Nawab.

Mohiuddin Nawab is a big name and identity in the field of Urdu literature. He is the identification of good stories and titles of high-profile writings. It is rightly said about Nawab that his stories are read with the depths of the heart and not with the eyes. He is indeed a magician of words, but it is not as if he forgets the subject’s essence in the magic of words.

There are many stories hidden in each of his stories. Nawab’s pen is undoubtedly a sharp knife to the body of society, which opens them with its surgical operation. Then, several faces appear on one being. Black faces, half faces! It would not be out of place to call Nawab a bitter spokesman of the society. His observation is comprehensive, and there is immense truth in his pen. No aspect of society is hidden from his eyes. He had a keen eye for writing, and even in a simple story, a great deal was said.

Nawab’s journey from Bihar to Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan), then Lahore, and from Lahore to Karachi went through highly turbulent times. During this journey, he endured many difficulties and went through challenging stages. However, its stability has never faltered. Nawab has witnessed the tragedy of East Pakistan with his own eyes. He reached West Pakistan by crossing the river of fire and blood.

Some gentlemen believe that Nawab is only a writer of social stories. If this objection is correct, then there is also the aspect of praising the Nawab. Human beings create the society, and stories are born from human values; that is why the stories of Nawab are accurate, clear, and unambiguous.

The stories that are written out of nature, the fabrication and artificiality, feel clear in them, while the Nawab is used to create the stories of this world and the people living in this world. He opens society layer by layer and writes on every topic. He has even written historical stories and adopted the theme of crime and punishment.

For example, in the famous series of suspense digests, the “Devta Novel” story is like the light of day, which gained immense popularity among the readers. The uniqueness of this creation of Nawab is that it is the most extended story in the world. In addition to the popularity “Devta” has gained by publishing in book form, it is a record among the books printed and sold in Pakistan.

With age came the maturity of Nawab’s writing, but his writings do not even contain annoyance, frustration, and fatigue. He captivates the reader with his writing and moves so fast that sometimes even the reader cannot accompany him, as a result of which he is forced to re-read a page or a paragraph. In this regard, Nawab’s work “Aadh Chehra” can be mentioned, which is a masterpiece in terms of the maturity of his writing and the rarity of the plot.

Adha Chehra is an excellent work of the Nawab. Of course, it is one of the masterpieces of the Nawab of which he can be rightly proud. I think it should get a prominent place in Urdu novels. Although this is not a symbolic story, because the average reader’s mood has changed, there has been a significant change in the style and angle of writing. Today is the age of realism, and this art is at its peak in “Aadh Chehra.”

“Adha Chehra” is a story that highlights many sensitive aspects of society that revolve around the ordinary person. Today’s busy and tired reader is uninterested in cumbersome philosophies and tangled writings. He likes to read about his world and environment in simple, easy-to-understand, and practical language. All these features are present in “Adha Chehra novel.”

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