The Ain i Akbari English by Abul Fazl Allami

The Ain i Akbari English by Abul Fazl Allami Pdf Free Download

The Ain i Akbari English by Abul Fazl Allami Pdf Free Download

The Ain i Akbari complete 3 Volumes Authored by Abul Fazl Allami. Translated from the original Persian by H. Blochmann M.A.
The Ain e Akbari is the English translation of the Akbar Nama by Shaikh Abulfazl, and is by far the greatest work in the whole series of Muhammadan histories of India. The first volume of this gigantic work contains the history of Timur’s family as for as it is of interest for the Indian reader, and the reigns of Babar, the Sur Kings, and Humayun, whilst the second volume is devoted to the detailed history of nearly forty-six years of the reign of the Great Emperor. The 3rd and concluding volume, the Ain e Akbari, contains that information regarding Akbar’s rein which, through not strictly historical, is yet essential to a correct understanding of the times, and embodies, therefore, those facts for which in modern times., we would turn to administration reports, Statistical compilations, or Gazetteers. It contains the Ain i.e. mode of governing of Akbar, and is, in fact, the Administration Report and Statistical Return of his government, as it was about 1590 A.D.
Complete 3 volumes of Ain I Akbari English version is now available on Pakistan virtual library for online reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download it in Pdf format for offline reading and references.

Read online Volume 1
Read online Volume 2
Read online Volume 3
Download Volume 1
Download Volume 2
Download Volume 3

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