Aur Neel Behta Raha Novel By Inayatullah

Aur Neel Behta Raha Novel 2 Volumes  By Inayatullah

Aur Neel Behta Raha Novel 2 Volumes  By Inayatullah Pdf Free Download

Aur Neel Behta Raha Novel complete 2 volumes authored by Inayatullah. This novel contains an interesting historical story of the Islamic victory of Egypt extracted from the Islamic history in Urdu language. When it comes to the victories of the Caliph Rashidun, it is concluded that these first Mujahideen of Islam had removed the name of Roman Caesar and Kisra king of Iran. There is little doubt that the military powers of Roman Caesar and Iranian Kisra were the destructive powers of that period. Today, historians and commentators say, it is far to defeat either of these two powers, no one even could dare to challenge them. Apart from the inflation of forces, these two nations were best fighters. The history is full of their victories and achievements.

Finally a nation arose. The Iranians and Romans called them Arabs Bedouin or Bedu and expressed hatred against this nation. This was the Ummah of the Prophet, whose mujahedin blew up Iran’s terrible Combat power. Then the Romans, were expelled from the Arabian land (Palestine and Syria) and confined their empire to some territory across the Mediterranean.

Generally, the matter is over here and a miraculous victory of the Mujahideen is ignored. This is the victory over Egypt. In Egypt, the lions of Allah defeated the Romans decisively, and Caesar Rome, which was a name of terror in terms of personal glory, war leadership and natural Pharisee, was even taken across the Mediterranean, and from there he sent orders to his army in Egypt. He even died in despair.

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Hercule was poisoned by the royal physician by her own queen. In this book you will find the complete story which is a thrilling and mysterious story. The victory of Egypt is attributed to the Muslim commander, Amr ibn al-As r.a. Historians and observers are still amazed at how eight or ten thousand Mujahideen defeated such a powerful army of the Roman Empire, numbering over 100,000, by defeating them in the battle field and in every fortress.

Often historians have written that the victory of Egypt can be given no other name than a miracle. The author Inayatullah describes the events and backgrounds of the the Mujahideen’s determination, indifference and passion which led to this miracle.

If you’ve read the author’s other historical novel “Hijaz Ki Andhi“, “Shamsher be Nayam“, “Damishq Ke Qaid Khane Mein“, “Manzil Aur Musafir” and “Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Hoa“,  then you would form the same opinion about “Aur Neel Behta Raha” that this is a true and authentic history written in the form of a novel.

In this novel you will find many effective and mysterious stories that are preserved in the pages of history. Among them are the conspiracies of Roman palace and the fanaticism of the people, the mysteries of the ruins of Pharaoh and the miraculous works of the Mujahideen of Islam that refresh the faith.

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