Australia Ki Jhalak Safarnama by Begum Taj Yasin Ali Khan

Australia Ki Jhalak Safarnama by Begum Taj Yasin Ali Khan

Australia Ki Jhalak Safarnama by Begum Taj Yasin Ali Khan Pdf Free Download

Australia Ki Jhalak Safarnama authored by Begum Taj Yasin Ali Khan. This book contains a travelogue of Australia in Urdu language. There is a large collection of travelogues in all the developed languages of the world. Travelogues are reliable historical, geographical, social, cultural, and sociological sources. It isn’t easy to know in which language the travelogue was first written.

Travelogues of Chinese and Greek tourists are now a source of knowledge for the ancient history of India. Similarly, travelogues of Arab tourists are also important. If these travelogues are removed from the classic literature, then many of the circumstances of that time will remain in darkness.

Currently, no correct idea can be expressed about the beginning of travelogues in the Urdu language as historians have not found any ancient manuscript of a travelogue so far. The oldest published travelogue was written by Yusuf Khan Kambal Posh, a resident of Hyderabad Deccan, who compiled a travelogue on Europe under the title name of “Ajaibat-e-Farang” in the year 1838, and nine years later it was published in 1847.

“Ajaibat-e-Farang” is not only the first travelogue of Europe but also the first Urdu language travelogue as far as the present information is concerned. Yusuf Khan Kambal Posh compiled it after his trip to Europe and published it several times. The second travelogue is by Syed Muzaffar Uddin Haider Lucknowi, published in 1872 under the title of “Sair-e-Farangistan”.

The travelogue “Australia Ki Jhalak” is the masterpiece of Begum Taj Yasin Ali Khan, a woman from a famous scholarly Hyderabad Deccan family. This lady has a very good power of observation and can express her opinion very well. There is no lack of humor, excitement, and expansion in her nature.

This Travelogue of Australia was compiled by Mrs. Taj Sultana Begum and published in 1955. The first feature of this travelogue is that it is the first travelogue of Australia in Urdu; no man or woman has written any travelogue before this one. Mrs. Syed Yasin Ali Khan’s travelogue is a treasure trove of various matters.

This travelogue covers Australian archeology, famous landmarks, and social, industrial, sports, and entertainment activities. Matters of Landscapes and recreational areas are also mentioned explicitly. Reading this travelogue gives you an overview of Australia’s famous landmarks, archeological sites, recreational and interesting places, landscapes, wonders, and Australians’ social, societal, moral, commercial, and psychological habits and character. It will be a great guidance for those traveling to Australia. In short, it should be called an informative travelogue from which all kinds of information can be obtained. Historical or social, industrial or commercial, social or recreational. The travelogue contains all kinds of information and is a treasure trove from every point of view.

The characteristic of this travelogue is that it is in simple and smooth language. At the same time, there are invaluable jewels of color, charm, and playfulness as it is written very interestingly and innovatively. The style of expression is humorous, so the reader reaches the world of joy and smiles. This travelogue style is a privilege, as no other travelogue has such a style. However, before this Begum Syed Yasin Ali Khan travelogue, the Urdu world was almost unfamiliar with her style of writing and expression. But this first book is enough to make her a good essayist and prose writer. 

This travelogue is also instructive. It contains lessons for people of all schools of thought that can improve character and mind. The author has stated such matters in various places, which are instructive and admonitory. She does not overlook anything of the Australians. She elaborates on all kinds of information about their ethics and habits, psychology and character, education, trade, and technical skills in such a tremendous style, which proves the author’s ability.

Similarly, many other features of this travelogue make it stand out from other travelogues. For example, it sheds light on the life and character of the writer herself. She did not ignore his good or bad things but wrote them down clearly. This clarifies her life from childhood to adolescence. It would be correct to say that this travelogue gives a complete picture of the character and biography of Mrs. Yasin Ali Khan.

Another lesson from this travelogue is: how to live a happy and joyful married life? She has given a good lesson to women who do not keep their husbands happy and has told them how to keep their husbands completely happy and contented. And how to be the best couple and partner. In this book, we find the tricks that can keep a husband of different natures happy and satisfied.

In studying this travelogue, you will find the charm of fiction and the essence of storytelling. Somewhere, you will go into the world of smiling humorously. You will find abundant pure thoughts with joy, color, and sweetness somewhere. Somewhere, there will be a lesson. Somewhere, there will be a needle of satire. The purpose of this travelogue as a whole is admirable. I am sure you will have a lot of fun reading this travelogue because the travelogue has good stuff to have fun.

Urdu Safarnama “Australia Ki Jhalak” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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