Bayaz e Ajmal by Hakeem Hafiz Ajmal Khan

Bayaz e Ajmal by Hakeem Hafiz Ajmal Khan Pdf Free Download

Bayaz e Ajmal by Hakeem Hafiz Ajmal Khan Pdf Free Download

Bayaz e Ajmal Urdu Tibb book authored by Hakeem Hafiz Ajmal Khan. Tashkhees o Tajweez Masih ul Mulk Bayaz e Ajmal book is another most famous and important book of Tibb e Unani in Urdu language. This book is divided in to three parts.

The first part described complete history and biography of Hamkeem Ajmal Khan, his medical and political activities, and information about pulse.

Part II “Muaalijat e Ajmal” contains diagnostic and treatment of all diseases, English names of all diseases along with its epidemic types, symptoms and causes.

In Part III “Bayaz e Ajmal”  all the prescriptions of herbal medicines that that was used by Hakim Hafiz Ajmal Khan in his clinic. There are very detailed descriptions of those patent medicines that are not yet included in any book, are present in this book.

Urdu Tibb e Unani book “Bayaz e Ajmal” is now available here on Pakistan virtual library for online reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in high quality Pdf doucment format and enjoy offline reading.

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