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Takbeerat e Tashreeq

Takbeerat e Tashreeq in Urdu Takbeerat e Tashreeq is Wajib (Obligatory) upon every adult Muslim to recite audibly after every Faraz Namaz from the Fajr Namaz of 9th Zil Hijj to the Asr of 13th Zil Hijj. Takbeeraat should be recited immediately after concluding every Faraz Namaz. Men will recite this Takbeer audibly once after […]

Kitabus Saum The Book of Fasting

Kitabus Saum The Book of Fasting Pdf Free Download Kitabus Saum The Book of Fasting. Compiled by Majlis-e-Ulama of South Africa.  Siyam (Fasting) is among the fundamental acts of Ibadat. It has been ordained by Allah Ta’ala for the development of taqwa (piety) in the Mu’mineen. Fasting is extremely efficacious for the acquisition of taqwa. […]

Dua for Success in Examination

Dua for Success in Examination in Urdu If anyone is desirous for success in an examination, interview or any kind of difficult position, the should recite the above dua 99 times. By reciting this Quranic Dua Insha Allah Ta’ala a special blessing and help will come from Allah Ta’ala and the reciters  will diffidently gain […]

Easy Good Deeds By Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani

Easy Good Deeds By Mufti Taqi Usmani Pdf Free Download Easy Good Deeds Written by Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. Only those deeds have been discussed in this book that do not involve any significant labour or difficulty but earn much merit and reward. The purpose is to awaken in the hearts of the readers […]