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Takbeerat e Tashreeq

Takbeerat e Tashreeq in Urdu TAKBEERAAT-E-TARSHEEQ : ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR, LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAHU WALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR, WA LILLAHIL HAMD. Takbeerat e Tashreeq is Wajib (Obligatory) upon every adult Muslim to recite audibly after every Faraz Namaz from the Fajr Namaz of 9th Zil Hajj to the Asr of 13th Zil Hajj. Takbeeraat should […]

Qurani Duain By Muhammad Tahir Khaleeq

Qurani Duain By Muhammad Tahir Khaleeq Pdf Free Download Qurani Duain book authored by Muhammad Tahir Khaleeq. The book provides a beautiful collection of tested Quranic supplication which have been collected with the theme. All supplication and prayers were written according to the contest of the Quranic verses. Best Quranic supplication solution of all kind […]

Alwazifa tul Karima By Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi

Alwazifa tul Karima Book Urdu Pdf Pdf Free Download Alwazifatul Karima By Imam Ahmed Raza Khan. This book contains daily routines Azkaar, Wazaif and sayings of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi along with Urdu translation and benefits. Easy and powerful Islamic supplications Urdu book online. Alwazeefa tul Karima book is now available to read online […]

Mubarak Duayen By Muhammad Zuhair Rohani Bazi

Mubarak Duayen By Muhammad Zuhair Rohani Bazi Pdf Free Download Mubarak Duayen Book Authored by Muhammad Zuhair Rohani Bazi. The present book “Mubarak Duaen” is an Islamic book which contains powerful and effective Islamic supplications and wazaif along with in Urdu translation and benefit. This book is now available here on Pakistan virtual library for […]