Khutbat e Garcin De Tassy by Dr. Syed Sultan Mehmood Hussain

Khutbat e Garcin De Tassy by Dr. Syed Sultan Mehmood Hussain

Khutbat e Garcin De Tassy by Dr. Syed Sultan Mehmood Hussain Pdf Free Download

Khutbat e Garcin De Tassy, Arrangements and Commentaries by Dr. Syed Sultan Mahmood Hussain and Published by Majlis e Taraqqi Adab Lahore in 1987. The book under review is a dissertation on the life and work of the famous French Urdu professor and linguist Garcin de Tassy, which Dr. Sultan Mehmood Hussain prepared for his Ph.D. degree, for which he tried to use most of the libraries not only in Pakistan but also worldwide.

He wrote numerous letters to different countries and many people, and it is a pity to say that his own people cooperated less, but strangers cooperated more. Dr. Sultan has tried his best to research everything and refined his dissertation to the best of his ability. Therefore, it can be said without exaggeration that very few articles have been produced in our country due to such hard work and dedication.

This Thesis was very large and simple, and its publication was challenging due to limited resources, so its footnotes and commentaries are briefly published in this book. For those who are interested in the history of literature, its importance and usefulness cannot be denied.

The “Khutbat e Garcin De Tassy – Arrangements and Commentaries is an important and demanding subject because it was a difficult task to present in a concrete and comprehensive way the living conditions and work of the French scholar Garcin de Tassy, who lived hundreds of miles away from India and taught Urdu in his own homeland.

The superficial circumstances of Garcin de Tassy are found in various books. Dr. Muhammad Hameedullah Sahib has given a detailed account of the life of Garcin de Tassy with the help of his dissertation in “Maqalat-e-Garcin de Tassy Jild 1,” published in 1964.

The distinguished essayist has also described the work of this great Orientalist so that the students of Urdu may become fully acquainted with his personality as well as his literary services. He first mentions the relations between India and other countries of the world. After that, the arrival of commercial companies of these countries in India is mentioned. Finally, in 1857, the British East India Company defeated the Mughal emperor and captured the throne of Delhi. After describing the political situation, the evolution of teaching Oriental languages ​​in France has been examined. The language school in Paris mentions in detail how the teaching of “eastern languages” continued in France and that Silvestre de Sacy took Garcin de Tassy as his student and advised him to learn Urdu.

Garcin Datasi had learned Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. He also traveled to England to study Urdu. When the Department of Urdu was established in Paris through the efforts of Silvestre de Sacy at the Boys’ Language School in Paris, Garcin de Tassy was appointed the first Professor of Urdu.

The author describes the circumstances of Garcin de Tassy’s ancestors and his life in great detail, and the names of his books and dissertations are listed in Urdu and French. Dr. Suraya Hussain searched 155 books and articles, and Dr. Hamidullah added three more, but the author modified and increased this number.

Garcin de Tassy holds a high position in Urdu literature due to his two masterpieces. One is “Tareekh Adabiyat e Hindavi o Hindustani,” and the other is “Khutbat e Maqalat.” The author has made a thorough commentary on the history of literature and has also given a reasoned answer to the objections of the critics, and then has given a detailed look at his sermons.

Finally, the author mentions the Urdu works of Orientalists who wrote books in Urdu and related books in the nineteenth century AD. The number of these Orientalists is seventy. There are some Europeans among them who have proved their Urdu friendship by writing Urdu poetry, and these European Urdu poets were deprived of financial, political, and religious benefits. This is how these people look so close to Garcin Datasi. The Urdu writings of these writers prove that they were impressed by Urdu’s smoothness, sweetness, and simplicity.

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