Panch Moti Novel by Saeed Lakht

Panch Moti Novel by Saeed Lakht

Panch Moti Novel by Saeed Lakht Pdf Free Download

Panch Moti novel 2nd edition authored by Saeed Lakht. Published by Ferozsons Lahore in 1970.  A lovely collection of five pearls, five charming and untouched stories. In which the writer has squeezed all his mental efforts. The five stories manifest modern and advanced writing styles and have a special place in modern literature.
Let’s take a look at these five stories critically.

  1.  Aah Khazana ( آہ خزانہ): – A very untouched and modern style story. It depicts the life of a superstitious and confusing young man. He left a life of hard work, lived an imaginary and superstitious world, and began to dream of becoming rich by relying on some unseen help. But when the flickering lamp of his life was about to go out with the last light, luck opened his eyes, and he stepped out of the dream town and set foot in the tolerant world again, soon with his hard work. He became rich.
  2. Mojon Ki Shahzai (موجوں کی شہزادی) Princess of the Waves: –  A young fisherman named Sheedu catches a “fish girl” and brings her home and marries her. For three years, they lived in great love, and apparently, the “princess of the waves” had completely forgotten the world of the sea. But one day, she goes to sea in her husband’s absence, and then she finds out that he is the same “princess of the waves.” She is no one’s wife or mother; she never went to earth, and she never married any human being. She is the daughter of the sea and will remain in the sea, and that’s it.
  3. Parion Ki Pahari (پریوں کی پہاڑی) ” The Fairy Hill” is the story of a fearless, brave, and persistent young man who humiliated the fairy queen with his courage and steadfastness. And forced him to bow down to him. Courage and perseverance are the attributes that solve the biggest troubles and calamities.
  4. Guddri Ka Lala ( گُدڑی کا لال): A strange story of the son of a poor widow who became the king of Spain with his talented, wise, and courageous little sailor.
  5. Qismat Ka Chakkar ( قسمت کا چکر) Circle of Destiny: A sad story of a prince who endured all sorts of troubles and achieved a goal.

These are the five pearls; each surpasses the other in its atmosphere, luster, and untouchability. Language, plot, and style are developed. Particular attention has been paid to language fluency. I hope you enjoy this collection of stories.

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