Qurbat e Marg Main Mohabbat Novel by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Qurbat e Marg Main Mohabbat Novel by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Qurbat e Marg Main Mohabbat Novel by Mustansar Hussain Tarar Pdf Free Download

Qurbat e Marg Main Mohabbat novel authored by Mustansar Hussain Tarar. The story in this novel weaves an intricate tapestry of human emotion and existential struggle against the backdrop of time and mortality. The novel commands constant attention, as the narrative, like life itself, seamlessly flows between past and present, joy and sorrow, life and death.

In the opening paragraph, Tarar references ancient history, referencing Cain and Abel, the first mortal man to taste death. The novel’s final section concludes with the stark image of a bee buzzing over a corpse, epitomizing the cyclical nature of existence. The narrative arc underscores the transformation of human thoughts and feelings as one faces impending death, starkly contrasted with the ebullience of life’s happier moments.

“Qurbat e Marg Main Mohabbat” revolves around a 60-year-old protagonist, Khawar, whose life is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of love. This is not the stereotypical love story but one marked by ambiguity, transience, and skepticism. The characters’ love is freed from the dread of mortality, allowing them to delve deep into an unfathomable well of emotions.

The narrative transitions smoothly between two locales – the grandeur of the Indus River and the tranquility of Bara Kaho, Islamabad. The chapters featuring the Indus River are laden with exquisite details about Sindhi culture, aquatic life, and the river’s enigma and charm. It’s a story that doesn’t shy away from leaving questions unanswered until the very end, adding to its enigmatic allure.

The characters in “Qurbat e Marg Main Mohabbat” are intertwined, each reflecting the other like a kaleidoscope. Khawar, our protagonist, is a complex mix of arrogance, intellect, confusion, and vulnerability. Even with his exaggerated persona, he stands as a realistic representation of the age he belongs to. The novel uniquely presents a middle-aged man’s life with all its inherent desires and fears – the craving for appreciation, the pursuit of relationships, the unnamed attractions towards the opposite sex, and the transitory affairs born from these attractions. It’s a daring portrayal, challenging societal norms and pushing boundaries of comfort.

One recurring theme in the novel is death, its inevitability, and its peculiar allure over humans. Tarar has a knack for presenting death not as an end but as a journey into an unknown realm. He manages to intertwine this existential theme with another intriguing one – womanhood. Love, competition, infidelity, transient relationships – all these aspects of femininity are explored in a refreshingly new light, moving beyond the traditional depiction of women in Urdu literature.
Despite the boldness and occasional exaggeration in Tarar’s narrative, the novel remains a compelling exploration of fleeting relationships and the intense emotions they evoke. The relationships depicted are devoid of promises and future plans, yet they reverberate with raw, emotional energy.

One might question Tarar’s portrayal of women, especially the character “Pakhi.” The depiction leans towards the physical, a familiar yet controversial trait in Urdu literature. Depending on the reader’s perspective, the narrative could be an exaggeration or a critique of societal norms.

The imagery in “Qurbat e Marg Main Mohabbat” is a testament to Tarar’s mastery of language and description. Be it the enchanting landscapes of Sindh, the rustic charm of Rasulpur village, or the monastic solitude of Mehra Muradu, every scene is meticulously crafted.

Lastly, the novel does not shy away from shedding light on societal issues. It presents a scathing critique of the unspoken realities of Jabja society and the corruption entrenched in political and business circles. Despite its complexity, “Qurbat e Marg Main Mohabbat” remains a thought-provoking reflection on love, death, and the transient nature of relationships.

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