Seerat Umar e Farooq by Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Sallabi

Seerat e Umar e Farooq by Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Salabi

Seerat Umar e Farooq by Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Sallabi Pdf Free Download

Seerat Umar e Farooq r.a complete two volumes by Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Sallabi. The book “Seerat Umar e Farooq r.a” is a remarkable and authentic book on the brilliant impressions of the life of Sayyedina Umar bin Khattab RA, the second Caliph, the just ruler, the conqueror of Rome and Persia, the martyr of the Mihrab Amirul Momineen. In this book, Dr. Al-Sallabi has described the life of Sayyedina Umar bin Khattab RA from his blessed birth to his martyrdom, in which he has defined Hazrat Umar’s genealogy, family, period of ignorance, acceptance of Islam, migration, and his commitment to the Holy Quran.


Apart from this, the training he received due to the company of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the refinement that arose in his personality from Islamic teachings have also been mentioned in detail. His role in Ghazwat, the details of his life in the Madani society, and his Caliphate have also been thoroughly discussed.


The author mentioned the important laws of the Caliphate period of Umar Farooq and discussed in detail the features of Majlis e Shura, justice, equality, and freedom of thought. Furthermore, he discussed the personal qualities of Syedna Umar Farooq, how he treated his own family and the family of the Prophet PBUH, and how he took care of his public after becoming the Caliph of the Muslims.


His concern about the rights of women, his concern for fulfilling the needs of the people, the training of some leaders of the Islamic society, the Reformation of those who deviated from religion, Taking care of the health of the subjects, the special arrangement of Amr-e-Bal-Ma’ruf wa Nahi-An-e-Munkar, Reforms of the market and trade system, The basic objectives of the Shari’ah, such as the establishment of the Oneness of Allah, rooting out polytheism and heresy, Performing worship And topics such as protecting the honor of Mujahideen have been explained in detail.


Undoubtedly, Sayyidina Umar’s life is a bright chapter of Islamic history, which illuminates the whole history of Islam. No one in the history of the world could achieve the high status achieved by Sayyidina Umar in terms of honor, greatness, sincerity, Jihad, and da’wah for the sake of Allah.


Dr. Al-Salabi has collected the golden pages of Sayyidina Umar’s life and the period of his Caliphate from sources and references, then organized their arrangement, research, and validation so that people from all walks of life, such as preachers, scholars, politicians, analysts, commanders, caliphs, Taliban scholars, preachers of religion and common people alike can benefit, follow the Caliphate to make their lives useful and as a result be proud of the success of both worlds.


A lot has been written and will continue to be written on the biography of Umar, but the style of Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Sallabi, a prominent scholar of the Islamic world and a famous author, is unique; who has compiled dozens of books on the subject of biography till now. 


He searched all the ancient and modern books and compiled the books by referencing the published materials related to the subject and also kept the research and study. He has also utilized more or less 350 books in connection with the book under review, “Seerat Umar e Farooq.” Furthermore, he presents the biography books in a way that is in harmony with contemporary standards. As a result, today’s reader gets many lessons and guidance and builds character.

The book “Seerat Umar e Farooq” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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