Selected Friday Sermons in English

Selected Friday Sermons by Darussalam Pdf Free Download

Selected Friday Sermons by Darussalam PDF Free Download

Selected Friday Sermons by Darussalam Research Center. This book contains sermons by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself, his companions, and numerous renowned scholars throughout Islamic history. These lectures are instructional, enlightening, and heartfelt, and they fit the Friday sermon’s objective more effectively. This book is essential for every preacher and anyone who preaches the Friday prayer sermon in the English-speaking world.

Every Muslim who attends the Friday congregational prayer wants to have his faith exhortations, and, at the same time be sure that the information that he is receiving is Islamically correct. Thus, we present this collection of sermons in hopes that it will assist the reader in delivering quality religious speeches, thereby fulfilling the obligation of the Friday sermon in the best manner. May Allah grant us success.

Selected Friday sermons book is now available here on the Pakistan virtual library for online reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in high-quality PDF document format and enjoy offline reading on your laptop or Android devices.

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