Shehzadi Nagin Novel by A Hameed

Shehzadi Nagin Novel by A Hameed

Shehzadi Nagin Novel by A Hameed Pdf Free Download

Shehzadi Nagin Novel Ambar Naag Maria aur Kati Khala Mein Part 86, and Maut Ka Taaqub Ki Wapsi Series part 186 authored by A. Hameed.

Ambar Naag and Marias series is an amazing, thrilling and one of the longest historical narrative of Ambar, Naag and Maria’s five thousand years’ journey. The hero of this awesome kid’s series “Ambar” is alive from about five thousand years.  A shaman had told him in the cemetery, you will never die.  While fighting against the storm on a variance ship he reaches in the dead island. Here he met with a young boy “Naag” he is actually being a cobra.

Maria is a girl, met him in a tomb of Firon in the basement of Pyramids of Egypt. She is hidden because of the magic. She sees everyone but no one can see her.  All the three become siblings and start their wonderful, mysterious and terrifying journey. Kings die, but they, all the three are alive.

The story of this series moves forward through every door of the history of mankind. Fully thrilling narrative of up to 300 episodes.  Every episode is a complete fascinating and mysterious novel. Each story is an amazing, thrilling and mysterious historical story.

The main theme of this series is based on grandeur and heroism. The complete series contains three miniseries and up to three hundred episodes. All the available episodes of the series can be download by visiting the below mentioned links.

Urdu kids novel “Shehzadi Nagin” Ambar Naag Maria Aur Kati Khalai Mein part 86, Maut Ka Taaqub Ki Wapsi Part 186 is now available on Pakistan virtual library for online reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download Ambar Naag Maria Khalai Series part 186 in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading in your computer and smartphone.

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