Tamasha Mere Aage by Jamiluddin Aali

Tamasha Mere Aage Safarnama by Jamiluddin Aali

Tamasha Mere Aage Safarnama by Jamiluddin Aali Pdf Free Download

Tamasha Mere Aage Safarnama authored by Jamiluddin Aali. The book “Tamasha Mere Aage” is the second volume of Jamiluddin Aali’s travelogue, which chronicles his travels to Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States in the Urdu language.
The first volume of this travelogue, “Duniya Mere Aage“, covers the journey to Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Delhi, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom. This longest travelogue was first printed in the Sunday edition of the daily ‘Jang’ Karachi from 1963 to 1966 and has established a high standard of popularity among the readers. Some parts of this travelogue have been translated into other languages ​​and published in various journals of the respective countries. This travelogue, which belongs to the early period of Urdu travelogues, is still unique and popular today because of its style, information, and commentary. In his travelogue, Aali Sahib has adopted a very unique style and heartfelt expression instead of the traditional style, in which every aspect of the study, observation, and analysis has been discussed.

Jamiluddin Aali was a famous Urdu poet, travel writer, columnist, scholar, and creator of many famous national anthems. His travelogue is still considered to be the longest and most popular travelogue in Urdu. As itineraries were quite new to the average reader, they quickly became popular. Many good travelogues have been written in the Urdu language, which has their own glory and usefulness, but apart from the priority in travelogues, this travelogue of Aali Sahib is still the most unique because of its style, information, and analysis.
The “spectacle ahead of me” travelogue tells strange stories of West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States. The same unique style of Aali Sahib, the same heartfelt expression, colorful aspects of the study, observation and analysis, the story that is both international and national.

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