Tareekh e Adab e Urdu by Prof. Noorul Hassan Naqvi

Tareekh e Adab e Urdu by Prof. Noorul Hassan Naqvi

Tareekh e Adab e Urdu by Prof. Noorul Hassan Naqvi Pdf Free Download

Tareekh e Adab e Urdu (History of Urdu Literature) book authored by Prof. Noorul Hassan Naqvi. The book under review is an excellent book on Urdu literature’s critical history, which covers all the necessary information related to this subject. This book has been prepared to keep in view the educational needs of the students of MA Urdu.

Many books are available in the market on the history of Urdu literature. Some of these books are so short that they are insufficient for the examination needs of the students, and some are so detailed that it is not easy for an ordinary student to read, understand and concentrate on them in the short span of preparation for the exam. There was a need for a book that was neither too short nor too thick. It covers all the necessary information, the style is clear, simple, and understandable, and the presentation is so captivating that it is fun to read. We hope that this book will meet this need.

In answering a question, the average student provides proof of complete knowledge of the subject, but the examiner is not satisfied with it.
Because the promising student is expected to be aware of the critical opinions of the critics on the subject and to have his own critical eye. A careful study of this book will give rise to this critical view because its most important feature is that it is a critical history of Urdu literature.

We had earlier published the book “Urdu Adab Ki Tareekh” by Azeem-ul-Haq Junaidi, which was found to be extremely useful for students up to BA students and candidates. But perfect writer candidates and MA students need more information and a critical view. Studying this second book after the first one will open up the horizons of the student’s mind. There is no better book to learn the history of Urdu literature.

The book “Tareekh e Adab e Urdu” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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