The Islamic Insurance theory and Practice

The Islamic Insurance theory and Practice

The Islamic Insurance

The Islamic Insurance theory and Practice Pdf Free Download
The Islamic Insurance Theory and Practice , Authored by Dr. Ahmed Salem Mulhim, PHD in Comparative Jurisprudence Jordan University, and Ahmed Mohammad Sabbagh General Manager The Islamic Insurance Company at Amman Jordan.
Insurance is one of the means people have used for ages to deal with the consequences of damages, risks, and disasters which befall them in order to alleviate their impact or to avoid them completely. Insurance has developed to cover most economic activities such as commerce, industry, and agriculture. People resort to insurance even though it might not be compulsory by law. For example, insurance against public liability resulting from car accidents is compulsory in reality because people have no means, except insurance, as an effective guarantee against risks to which they are exposed.
Cooperative Insurance (Takaful) has been established and considered a legitimate alternative to Commercial Insurance by a decision issued by the Islamic Jurisprudence Council. Consequently, it has been necessary to develop different ways to deal with Cooperative Insurance and to draw up a new broad perspective for it. This will allow the establishment of Islamic insurance companies, whereby Cooperative Insurance becomes the basis for their business and their transactions.
The present book is a research work¬† on the Islamic insurance and its various aspects as an independent piece of research under the title “Islamic Insurance and reinsurance: Theory and Practice”. It was printed and distributed by special support from The Islamic insurance Company in Jordan. The book will provide an opportunity for those interested to understand the issues and to present their ideas. This book enrich the experience of Islamic Insurane Companies and help them to flourish.
Islamic Finance book is now available on Pakistan virtual library for reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format for offline reading and references.

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