Abhi Kuch Din Lagenge By Farhat Ishtiaq

Abhi Kuch Din Lagenge Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq PDF Free Download

Abhi Kuch Din Lagenge Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq PDF Free Download

Abhi Kuch Din Lagenge Novel Authored by Farhat Ishtiaq. Abhi Kuch Din Lagain Gay is an exciting novel that contains a beautiful social, romantic, and moral story in Urdu language.

It is the story of two girls, Asma and Rabab, who are neighbors and childhood friends. Rabab is a bold and stubborn girl, while Asma is loving but timid. Although they have different temperaments, they are connected by a powerful bond of love.

Rabab stands up for Asma at every opportunity and loves her. On the other hand, Asma also likes Rabab and considers him her most reliable and special friend. Both attended the same school and college until Rabab’s father was posted in Hyderabad, and the entire family shifted to Hyderabad.

Both friends were sad to be separated. Asma enrolled in the university and started studying. She found it a bit difficult to adjust without Raab but soon got used to it. Another character in the story is Daniyal, one of Asma’s university fellows. He is a brave and intelligent student in the whole class. Everyone thinks he is selfish, but everyone is impressed by Daniel’s personality.

Things change when a professor pairs Asma with Daniyal for an assignment. Daniyal finds Asma, a wonderful girl from heaven. Daniyal later confesses his feelings for Asma, and they get engaged. Meanwhile, Rabab returns, desperate to meet her best friend’s fiancé.

Urdu novel Abhi Kuch Din Lagenge is now available online on Pakistan Virtual Library in a high-quality PDF document for our users’ study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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