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Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor is an exciting and exemplary story for children. This book contains the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, a folk tale from the collection of folk tales “Alif Laila Hazar Dastan.” As one of the stories of Alif Laila Hazar Dastan, it has been widely recited and written in almost every era, especially for children.

It was first added to the collection of One Thousand Nights by its French translator, Anthony Galland, in the 18th century. Anthony Galland heard it from a Syrian storyteller named “Hina Diab,” who came to Paris from Aleppo and told this story to him.

The main character in the story is a poor woodcutter who discovers the secret of the thieves den and enters it with the magic phrase “Khul Ja sim sim.” he carries a bag of gold from the thieves’ treasury on his donkey and takes it home. Thieves try to kill Alibaba, but Alibaba’s loyal slave girl, Margina, thwarts his plots.

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