Amrit Kaur Novel by Amjad Javed

Amrit Kaur Novel by Amjad Javed Pdf Free Download

Amrit Kaur Novel by Amjad Javed Pdf Free Download

Amrit Kaur is a masterpiece novel by Amjad Javed. This is a special novel associated with 14th August, which contains an eternal true love story regardless of religion and boundaries. “Amrit Kaur” is the story of the conflict between love and religion, which begins with Amrit Kaur and Noor Mohammad at the historical partition of India in 1947 and ends 60 years later in modern England with Bilal Hasan and Zoya in the third generation.

Pakistan is the mandate of the martyrs, the sacred mandate of more than one lakh daughters whose fortunes were sacrificed for its achievement. It is the mandate of those innocent children killed by Hindus and Sikhs with spears. It is the mandate of mothers whose stomachs were cut, and their children were taken out and crushed under their feet. It is the mandate of those who sacrificed their homes, businesses, and properties to acquire this holy land.

The establishment of Pakistan in 1947 created countless stories filled with grief, sorrow, loss, and violence. “Amrit Kaur” is one such character who seems fictional despite being real. Starting from a developed country like England, the plot of this emotional and unforgettable story moves to Jatwal, a backward village in Amritsar, India, where Amrit Kaur lives.

The mysterious Amrit Kaur has been observing a fast of silence for years، and no one knows how many secrets are hidden in this silence. The people of the village believe that she is a saint of God, and if she puts her hands on someone’s head, their evil deeds will be cured.

Bilal, the hero of this story, is forced by his Sikh friend to travel to Jatwal’s village from England to find his love. He hopes that Amrit Kaur will lay his hands on his head and fulfill his wish.

When Amrit Kaur sees Bilal, there are earthquakes in her being, and the silence of years is broken in one moment. She says in a state of deep absorption, “You came, you had to come.” From here, an eternal story of love and passion is revealed, and this is the climax of this story.

Read the story and know that Pakistan was not served to us on such a plate. Rather, our elders have made many sacrifices for this country. An excellent story regarding the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan.

The novel “Amrit Kaur” is now available at Pakistan Virtual Library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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