Azadi Ke Baad Novel by Howard Fast

Azadi Ke Baad Novel by Howard Fast Pdf Free Download

Azadi Ke Baad Novel by Howard Fast Pdf Free Download

Azadi Ke Baad Novel authored by Howard Fast and translated into Urdu by Ahsan Ali Khan. This novel portrays the American Negroes’ war of freedom, which has charming and terrifying features. It represents the aspirations and dreams of humans who have used guns to achieve their goals.

With his magical pen, Howard Fast has exposed the face of American reactionism, so that it cannot hide its hideous face. Through his work, humanity’s progress and goodness have gained a radiance that can’t be erased. The reading of this novel is very necessary and inspirational today when humanity has reached the end of its journey toward freedom.

“Azadi Ke Baad” is Howard Fast’s first novel published in the Urdu language. Thousands of English-literate people in the Indian subcontinent know Howard Fast as a world-renowned writer and novelist. Howard Fast is the author of such popular books as “Freedom Road,” “Citizen Tom Paine” and “Clarkton.” His books have been translated into many major languages and published in millions of copies. But Howardfast’s name is new in Urdu. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce him.

Howard Fast is a famous American writer. He was one of the few enlightened Americans to have seen, touched, tasted, and loved his country so closely. He doesn’t see many dollars as America’s wealth. He doesn’t consider the atomic bomb to be America’s strength, and he doesn’t view the glitz and glamor of Broadway and Hollywood as the American ethos. He believes that the source of this wealth, morality, and power is the people, and the people do not live in a few skyscrapers of New York. Rather, they live in hundreds of millions of tiny one-story houses in the valleys of America, live in camps made of unhewn logs, and work day and night like other human beings. They love their neighbors and dress up as Santa Claus to bring gifts to their children on Christmas Day.

Howard describes the wonderful, gracious, refined Americans who love each other and fight against oppression. Sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose, but they continue their fight even if they lose. Howard Fast is not the author of the gilded veneer presented to us over American life. He peels off this veneer and presents real American life to us so that the American characters appear to us as the characters of India and Pakistan.

In “Azadi Ke Baad Novel,” you will find such a beautiful picture of the poor American people. Among them are whites, blacks, educated, and illiterate individuals. Capitalists and feudal lords seduce some people, while others fight till death for a better world. Howard takes us through a golden but very painful period in American history right after the Civil War. When the Negroes were freed in South America, and the lands of white landlords were auctioned. How the enslaved Negroes created a new community alongside the poor whites at that time. How were the Wells, Inns, and Schools built? The time when Jeff made love to blind eyes in order to bring light into them, and the toil of Gooden’s black hands blossomed in the form of white cotton flowers. Then, how some selfish individuals seduced by capitalists and feudal lords set out to destroy this beautiful world.

Through its dynamic characters, the novel presents the dramatic background of all these events. So interesting and filled with human sympathy that despite the intensity of hatred for the oppressors, the strong feeling that emerges in a person’s heart after reading the novel is the knowledge and experience of man, his gentleness, kindness, greatness, and victory over cruelty and a feeling of achievement.

You will find a reflection of how much power Howard had in his pen in “Azadi Ke Baad.” Fearing this power, the US government locked him in prison. But who can imprison positive thoughts and the power of the pen? Howard Fast’s ideas came out of his pen and reached millions and millions of people, making them their followers.

Ahsan Ali Khan deserves our congratulations that he has translated this novel so beautifully that the rich reflection and dramatic style of Howard Fast’s simple sentiments have come into this translation.

The novel “Azadi Ke Baad” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer or smartphone.

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