Baagh Novel by Abdullah Hussain

Baagh Novel by Abdullah Hussain

Baagh Novel by Abdullah Hussain Pdf Free Download

Bagh is Abdullah Hussein’s second novel, which came to light in 1982, eighteen years after the publication of “Udaas Naslain“. It focuses on the independence of Kashmir. This story is written in the context of the early days of preparing a consignment of Mujahideen for the independence of Kashmir and sending them for Jihad.

Bagh is actually a Sanskrit word meaning “a leopard,” which is a symbol of terror for everyone. The main character of the story, “Asad,” is a strong young man like a leopard, and for this reason, the novel is named Bagh. The characters of the story are portrayed as captive to loneliness, anxiety, and memories.

This is the second novel by Abdullah Hussain that I have read after “Udaas Naslain.” In this novel, a different and unique style has been used as compared to the “Udaas Naslain.” Unlike traditional novels, it does not have the maze of a story nor the abundance of characters. Written in a unique and heartwarming way, this story depicts the psychological entanglements of the characters and the cracks in their personality in such a way that everything becomes clearer. Hardly any other novelist has portrayed such characterization as Abdullah Hussain.

Abdullah Hussein has described every detail of events and the surrounding areas in such a way that the reader feels himself a part of the scene. An impressive description of the emotions of the main character of the story, going through different situations from his childhood to adolescence and dealing with life situations and events. Although the author does not mention, however, readers can guess that the plot of the story is in the surrounding area of Kashmir.

Abdullah Hussain’s writings can certainly be called complete Pakistani literature. Baagh is also an article written on a subject that further poisoned our society and we are still suffering from it. The state and its institutions continue to fuel their own people in a never-ending war in the name of religion and patriotism.

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