Nadar Log Novel by Abdullah Hussain

Nadar Log Novel by Abdullah Hussain

Nadar Log Novel by Abdullah Hussain Pdf Free Download

Nadar Log novel is another masterpiece historical novel by Abdullah Hussain. The first edition of the novel was published in 1996. This huge novel by Abdullah Hussein describes the political and social history of the subcontinent for 78 years. This is Abdullah Hussein’s first novel after “Udaas Naslain,” which paints a picture of all aspects of our lives in such a wide background. It took six years to complete the novel, and it is hoped that it will live up to the expectations of its readers.

This novel is considered to be a continuation of Abdullah Hussain’s famous book “Udaas Naslain.” The story of this novel is based on historical events that took place between 1897 and 1974. It contains the story of a nation that has no passion to fight for its rights, and who accepted everything as a matter of fate and left itself to the flow of time.

This story reaches its peak after 1947 when Pakistan gained independence, and the people fighting for ideology were walled off by those living in the corridors of power. The novel depicts the apathy, hardship, and turmoil of the time when the seeds of undemocratic regimes were sown for the first time, which led to the partition of the country in 1971.

The novel goes on to say that this was a time when if people stood by the truth and upheld the validity, and people stood up for their rights, the history and geography of Pakistan would be different. But since the people remained silent, which is tantamount to sin, they had to bear the cost of tearing the federation apart and losing their brothers.

“Nadar Lag” is the story of people who had perfect ideas but were found to have failed when it came time to stand up and fight for their rights. This book is basically an outline of rural life in Pakistan, where people accept everything that happens around them as their destiny but make no effort to correct things.

The pre-partition story shows the understanding between Sikhs and Muslims. The novel basically tells you how important truth is and how an entire community succumbs to one person’s personal desires, sinful thoughts, and hateful plans.

He also described the events of the 1971 war between India and Pakistan and the factors behind it. The novel focuses on the story of Sarfraz, an army officer who was stationed in East Pakistan and became a prisoner of war. It reveals the reasons behind the fall of Dhaka. The novel is thought to be a continuation of “Udaas Naslain,” which tells the story of the 19th-century generation that has no passion for fighting for rights and laws.

People fight and stand for freedom, and the spirit of liberty motivates them to fight and speak. However, despite the plight of the poor, they have lost the battle for food and shelter, daily income, local rights, and identity. A nation that has huge manpower is still exploited by force. This cycle of poverty and exploitation is still going on.

Abdullah Hussein is unique in his approach and seems to have written purely for the sake of literature and not to show his personal greatness as a writer or intellectual. This book is the story of a whole era of a family and contains their evolution with changing times and class changes. The author has subtly shed light on various socio-political landscapes of the country. There is humor and tragedy in this book. It is a great book that is not only interesting but also expands the vision of its reader.

While reading this depressing novel, I felt that the Janglos, Udaas Naslain, and the Nadar Log are part of the same puzzle. It is a mystery of the moral, economic, social, cultural, and personal corruption and despair of the people of Pakistan. The writer is showing us a mirror through this novel because even after the fall of Dhaka, we are still as we are; we have not learned anything yet, and as expected, the situation got worse. Our tragedy is that we remember the past but are not concerned about the future. I think every Pakistani should read this book at least once.

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